Metrilo Updates and News

Metrilo Updates and News will keep you updated on all new features we release within our customer analytics platform and how to make the best use of them for growing your ecommerce business.

Cloudways – Metrilo’s technology partner

Metrilo’s mission is to empower ecom entrepreneurs to run successful business. That’s why we partnered up with Cloudways as our Technology Partner and we’d like to introduce them to you.

New Tasks feature in Metrilo

Teamwork in Metrilo just got easier with our new feature: tasks.

Another CRM improvement

Last month, we released a Customer Feedback Scoring feature so that you can get business improving feedback directly from your customers.

This month, we wanted to tackle improving workflows and saving you time by managing work directly with your customer data in Metrilo.

With so much data to act on, it’s good to have a place in the CRM where you and your teammates can keep track of what needs to be done for individual customers.

How Native went from $0 to a $100 Million acquisition by Procter & Gamble in 2.5 years

The Metrilo team was having a meeting about Black Friday and the madness we had to prepare for. Unscented.png 400x659

I got a message from a friend that made my heart skip a beat and the meeting went to hell.

The TechCrunch article was about one of our most engaged customers – Moiz Ali. He had just sold his company, Native, to Procter&Gamble for a $100M in cash.

I might’ve shouted fuck yeah in the office. I was wildly excited. I was damn proud.

Product update: Dynamic abandoned products block in emails

We know you want to personalize your emails as much as possible, especially the cart recovery emails.

Now, you’re able to send customized abandoned cart emails that include links to the specific products customers abandoned.

This way, you’re making it even easier for them to go back and finish the order. Abandoned cart recovery gets more and more effective!

New feature release: Metrilo Customer Feedback Score

We’re so damn happy to give all our users a completely new feature that directly helps improve the shopping experience, retain customers and convert more.

The Metrilo Customer Feedback Score for online stores measures how satisfied customers are with the shopping experience you provide. It helps you identify issues and address customer needs. This way, you improve your conversion rates and increase customer loyalty.

We wanted it to be something that gathers this feedback for you 24/7, so we made it an easy-to-use feedback form.

Tips on choosing a Shopify CRM for your store

Why do you need a Shopify CRM?

All the data in your reports is generated by customers/ visitors. What you see is their behavior on your website and their reaction to marketing activities. That’s why customer insights can be the holy grail in your marketing mix.

Every click on your website, every page they see, the products they browse and purchase. You need this information if you are to truly leverage the power of data.

Connecting your marketing with customer behavior allows you to tailor relevant and timely messaging to drive more sales.

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