Customer Retention

Grow sustainably with returning customers

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Why customer retention is key to growth?

  • More Orders Driving repeat orders from your existing customer base.
  • Better returns on CAC The more orders each client places, the better the return on your acqusition cost.
  • Better profitability More revenue from existing customers means less ad spend and higher margins.
  • Financial Stability With more returning customers you have a stable source of future revenue.
  • Can invest in growth With less spending on acquisition you are free to invest in long-term growth.
  • Loyal fanbase Word of mouth from a loyal customer base is the best marketing asset.

Use behaviour insights to improve retention rate

Metrilo puts customers in cohorts according to their first interactions (purchase, time, campaign, etc.) and follows how loyal over time these cohorts are. You see which products and campaigns drive customer lifetime value and which ones attract one-timers. It also shows clearly when people place subsequent orders and when they stop buying so you can time your email communication accordingly.

Customer retention strategy with Metrilo

With Metrilo’s powerful customer retention analysis, you are able to understand your customers’ lifecycle and keep the relationships going proactively. You will know what campaigns and products stimulate customer loyalty so you can sell more to old customers. Also, you will be prepared for seasonality and typical ups and downs with all the accumulated behavior data.

Automatically send the following emails

  • Cross-sell and up-sell Product correlations and timing rules let you create tailored campaigns to offer relevant products to different customers.
  • Content drip campaigns Keep up the relationship going with engaging and valuable content until customers are ready to buy again.
  • Promos and coupons Tailor the offers based on customer behavior and track the results automatically in Metrilo.
  • Replenishment emails Stimulate repeat orders with timely reminders based on customer purchasing habits

The Assistant helps you keep retention in check

Retention is a long-term strategy and the Assistant will keep an eye for insights along the way to make sure you don’t miss valuable opportunities. Maybe your most sold product does not have the best retention rate and this is hurting you in the long run? An acquisition channel or coupon suddenly outperforming the rest in terms of CLTV? The Assistant will notify you.

WOWTea turns seasonality into loyalty with Metrilo emails

Business: Natural Tea

Uses Metrilo mainly for: Improving customer retention

WOWTea was suffering big seasonal drops in sales before they started using Metrilo. With all customer behavior in one place, the team was able to come up with different offers to engage different customer segments. These personalized emails doubled the customer retention rate, resulting in 43% more revenue!

"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business. It gives me the data right away."

Moiz Ali

Founder & CEO of Native Cosmetics

"I love the clarity of information, it's a breath of fresh air in the analytics world."

Spencer Walden

Owner of Chocolab