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Complete guide to package inserts for ecommerce brands

Package inserts are those printed coupons, thank you notes, and stickers that you put in an order package as a gesture for your customers. They may grant them discounts, invite them to join your community on a social medium or just make them feel good about shopping from your brand.

Here’s a guide to using such package inserts for your brand if you haven’t yet.

Ecommerce fulfillment 101

Running an eCommerce business seems easy until you have to think about all aspects of fulfillment – receiving, warehousing, packing, and shipping products to customers.

Customers are harder and harder to please. They may not be willing to pay extra but want fast delivery. It can be stressful for many companies to manage order fulfillment in an optimal way that satisfies their needs, meets customers’ demands and stimulates business growth.

In this article, we’ll cover the fundamentals of ecommerce fulfillment and how to choose a proper order fulfillment for your business.

Mobile performance optimization for your Magento store

With more than 50% of all users browsing online using mobile devices, Google started prioritizing site set up for mobile experiences some time ago. However, it wasn’t until July 1st, 2019, that the search giant officially announced that it would be prioritizing mobile-first indexing for all new websites.

At first glance, it looks like a controversial move. After all, mobile devices have a number of key restrictions:

  1. less CPU power (roughly 75% less processing resources),
  2. bandwidth challenges (rural network capabilities, browsing on EDGE and H+ networks),
  3. memory restrictions (slower to work on resource-heavy stores, hard to keep multiple pages live),
  4. physical screen size and tap-based UI (harder to type and navigate),
  5. older smartphones (not everyone owns the latest iPhone, you know).

However, mobile device proliferation is how the industry is moving, with more ecommerce shoppers preferring to use their mobile devices when browsing online stores.

BFCM 2019 email marketing stats and lessons learned

BFCM is over and we’re excited to share with you what we learned this year. Ahead of the Christmas rush, we believe these insights will help you get better results from email marketing especially.

The week leading up to Black Friday was a wild one – I’m sure for you as well – but it gives us an understanding of people’s buying behavior better than any other time of the year.

Copywriting basics for ecommerce brands

Online sales for eCommerce businesses reached $501 billion in the U.S. in 2018. Those sales are expected to rise to $740 billion by 2023. If you want to optimize your marketing efforts for your eCommerce business and improve your conversion rate, consider changing your copywriting strategy.

Create a better blog and website copy that meets Google’s content quality guidelines to improve your search engine results page (SERP) rankings. Write eCommerce content that shares your unique brand voice and enhances your brand-building efforts. Use the following eCommerce copywriting tips to optimize brand promotion on your website.

Creating killer cosmetic packaging for your beauty brand

The beauty and cosmetics industry is staggeringly huge.

Globally, the industry is worth over $500 billion with skincare being the most profitable. Then it should be of no surprise to you that 45% of beauty videos on YouTube are makeup tutorials, or that L’oreal’s revenue in 2018 topped $31.2 billion USD.

But that doesn’t mean that smaller brands can’t thrive – quite the opposite in fact. Society is becoming more and more aware of what we put into – and onto – our bodies.

And cosmetics are no exception.

This shift in consumerism makes it possible for smaller brands with values different to massive corporations to take a nice slice of the market.

Organic skincare brands, natural moisturisers and sustainable ingredients are unique selling points that the consumer wants to be a part of.

Furthermore, the success of D2C brands (Direct To Customer) like Glossier and subscription boxes like BirchBox and Ipsy have only solidified the power of the internet as the best way to build up a customer base.

But with competition as fierce as it is, building that loyal and engaged community around your brand can be tricky. But whether you’re selling in-store or online, there’s one physical touchpoint that comes first.


In this article, you’ll see:

  • The role packaging plays in the cosmetics industry
  • How to design cosmetics packaging
  • Creating an entire packaging set for a cosmetic brand
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