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Customer segmentation in eCommerce: how to do it and how to use it

12 customer segments you can identify and tailor your marketing messages for

You hear over and over that you should not be doing one-size-fits-all marketing but segmenting customers and tailoring messages instead.Customer Segmentation


Because segmenting customers based on their behavior eliminates the guesswork – they literally show you what marketing works with them so you can just replicate it and get results.

Ecommerce marketing strategy: 26 ways to grow

No matter the stage of your business, you’re always looking for better ways to drive more sales. Let me ask you – how thorough is your marketing strategy? How well-planned?

In this article, we offer you a complete overview of how toMarketing Audit plan a marketing strategy for an online store. Plus, we talk about the different marketing activities you could have based on the focus of your strategy – more customers, better retention, exponential referrals or larger orders.

Having an eCommerce marketing strategy gives you an edge over the competitors because it focuses your efforts and gets you where you want to be with your online store.

5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates With Wish Lists

Online sellers rarely use wishlists efficiently. They are considered only as a small tool of convenience for the shoppers. Opportunity To Increase Sales

But wishlists are not just “better shopping experience”. They can increase sales and that’s why we analyzed the impact of using wishlists on 50 online stores.

Announcing partnership with Cloudways!

Metrilo’s mission is to empower industry leaders around the globe. And this promise made us step ahead and think further for our clients. Today, we are happy to announce that we have partnered up with Cloudways as our Technology Partner and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.

Metrilo users can now take full advantage of this great PaaS provider which empowers the cloud hosting servers and gives you the better experience with the fastest eCommerce hosting. We believe that our cooperation will help you make your sites more stable, reliable, and efficient.

A Success Story on Differentiation: The biggest challenge for Online Coffee Sellers

Online fresh roasted coffee shops are an extraordinary corner of eCommerce. We say it not only as coffee junkies but as marketers too.Chemex

It’s an incredibly hard product to market – it looks generic to the average consumer, and at the same time it’s hard to showcase online because its most distinctive features are taste and smell.

That’s why we’re so deeply interested in the strategies online coffee brands use to sell. They’re true marketing heroes and we enjoy picking their brains.

We talked to Andrew Aamot, President of Sträva Craft Coffee, about the challenges of selling coffee online and what he wishes he knew before starting.

Trending Ecommerce Niche Products That Are Killing It [2017 Update]

Ecommerce is proving to be the best channel for selling niche products.

There are so many hip products now nobody had heard of before and they’re an awesome way to start eCommerce business with differentiation in mind.

Many of the eCommerce entrepreneurs who work with us sell such niche products online and we see how successful they are.

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