Get easy to use analytics that actually helps you sell

Unlike Google Analytics, Metrilo’s automatic reports and analysis help you understand what to sell and upsell next. And then helps you do it.

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All your eCommerce metrics in one place

  • One time buyers vs returning*
  • Customer LTV *
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Average order value *
  • Average number of orders per customer *
  • Revenue per visitor
  • Checkout completion *
  • Conversion rates by device

* Amazing! Metrilo syncs with historical data. You can see these metrics right away.

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Get actionable recommendations based on your data, so you know what to sell next

You can let Metrilo know which order statuses it should consider as successful and only count them against your revenue.

Set them up

Did you know that you can import all your previous order data to Metrilo and have a complete database of your customers?

Import them

Hey! You have 55 customers with more than 3 orders who haven’t ordered anything in the last 3 months.

Engage them

Did you know that on average, your customers spend $25 with your business?

Learn more

Understand exactly where your buyers come from and what channels bring you sales

  • Learn who are the customers who came from your last Marketing campaign
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  • Learn how many new and how many returning customers you have
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  • On what device customers spend the most
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  • Explore the customers from each revenue channel
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Unlike Google Analytics, always see accurate revenue reports

Unlike Google Analytics, Metrilo updates order statuses in real time so you see your revenue accurately calculated, not counting cancelled or refunded orders. You can still look up specific order statuses like “pending”, “on hold”, “delivered”, etc.

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Compare acquisition channels to know where to optimise your budgets

To optimize marketing spending, you need a clear comparison of traffic channels. Metrilo measures their effectiveness based on conversion rate, total revenue, revenue per visitor, and revenue per customer. Campaign tracking works the same way. You can tag all your Facebook, AdWords or other campaigns and compare on the same metrics.

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Start optimising your marketing right away, with 3 pre-set conversion funnels

With Metrilo, you don’t need to set up your funnels to see results. You get 3 pre-set funnels right away.

Understand who your loyal customers are, so you can sell more

As soon as you connect it to your store, Metrilo processes your historical data and analyzes your retention rate. You’ll immediately see exactly how one-time buyers in your customer base compare to repeat customers.

If you wondered why are you not growing even with increased traffic, higher rate of one-time buyers and the related acquisition costs might be the answer. For some of our clients, that’s an eye-opening realisation.

Build new deals and bundles that will sell

Metrilo gives you detailed info on each product - individual conversion and abandonment rates, views, purchases, quantity sold. What’s more, you can see correlations between the products so you understand what kinds of products go together in your customer’s mind and how they choose between different options. It’s a gold mine for promotional and bundle ideas.

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Everything at a glance

A dashboard displays the essentials.

Ecommerce metrics

All important metrics to measure your performance.

Accurate revenue analysis

Metrilo accounts for changes in your order statuses.

Acquisition report

Monitor and compare acquisition channels performance.

All-set Sales Funnels

You don’t need to set up anything, they simply work.

Product Performance

Best converting products, most abandoned ones and more.

Retention analysis

Ecommerce-tailored and works with historical data.

Email Campaigns ROI

Track and measure campaign performance.

Dynamic advice

Ideas for action based on your data.

Quote spencer cc3937ce02b40075728b6b9a6ada411f5c5ed0f74e0f608f1192b2fabbafad23

“I love the clarity of information, it's a breath of fresh air in the analytics world.”

Spencer Walden, Owner of Chocolab

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Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required. Book a demo anytime.

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