Ecommerce Analytics

Monitor and analyze your marketing performance

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A real-time dashboard of your online store performance

Ecommerce Analytics at a glance:

  • New customers How many new people ordered
  • Top selling products Which are the best performing
  • Real-time revenue More accurate attribution than Google Analytics
  • Successful orders That went through and payment is processed
  • Conversion rates by devices To see where your customers buy from
  • Customer lifetime value See the revenue your average customer brings

Ecommerce Analytics for store owners

Metrilo automatically reports on marketing campaign performance, engagement metrics and sales attribution, no manual setup needed. Monitor your marketing channels, referrals, influencers and coupon codes easily and optimize your marketing spending. You will know exactly what drives sales for your brand.

Numerous ready-to-use revenue breakdowns

  • New / Returning Revenue from new vs returning customers
  • Coupons Revenue by any coupon associated with the orders
  • Order Status Revenue by failed, pending, successful and other orders
  • Socials Track all revenue from social channels
  • Campaign Break down revenue by every digital campaign you had for the specified period
  • Referrals Monitor influencer marketing efforts and other organic referrals with coupons
  • Country Anywhere orders come from, Metrilo captures it
  • City Narrow down your location analysis even more
  • Device Know what screen to optimize your shop for

Insightful product management reports

We know your products are at the heart of your business. To help you make the best decisions about new products, variants and bundles, Metrilo shows you how your products perform in terms of:

  • Views by visitors
  • Purchases
  • Abandon rate

Correlation reports go even deeper, showing which products get ordered together or instead of each other. Discover new product development opportunities for your brand!

Detect conversion problems with ready funnel reports

With Metrilo's ecommerce analytics tools, you don’t need to be a data scientist to see results. The pre-set funnels map out the customer journey automatically, pulling ecommerce data from your store. Improving the shopping experience and conversions is easy when you know where the problem is.

Or just let the Assistant help you!

Metrilo’s Assistant is an algorithm that proactively finds insights in your data and suggests ways to act on them. It uncovers trends or opportunities you might otherwise miss and lets you know on time. Product performance, marketing channels, sales trends and new customers - the Assistant monitors them all and notify you if it catches a deviation or an opportunity.

On which day do you get the most orders?

Automated product bundle suggestions

There’s no other tool like it showing all you want to know!

Business: specialty DTC skincare product

Uses Metrilo mainly for: dashboard, ecommerce analytics reports

Reginald Ofori, who’s behind the specialty skincare product Smoovall, checks Metrilo’s dashboard a few times a day for the essential ecommerce metrics - average order values, new vs returning customers, traffic. He looks at performance by channels and adjusts marketing spend as needed. “I like how everything is configured, all reports are ready - just one click and it’s there,” he says.

"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business. It gives me the data right away."

Moiz Ali

Founder & CEO of Native Cosmetics

"I love the clarity of information, it's a breath of fresh air in the analytics world."

Spencer Walden

Owner of Chocolab
5-minute integration. Official plugins for