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Individual customer profiles

Metrilo is a customer data platform that lets you meet the customers behind the orders. Their behavior, orders, money spent, products bought and other individual details are accessible in dedicated customer profiles. You can tag, put in a segment and even add notes to every profile.

This way, you can observe shopping habits, monitor the customer journey and communicate on a personal level.

Complete customer database

As an Ecommerce CRM, Metrilo’s customer database makes all ecommerce business data easily accessible and usable. You will have your customers’ full journey on your site - actions taken in each session, product interactions, order history, lifetime spend, contact details.

"Easy segmentation and visual overview of your customers"
An eCommerce founder on G2Crowd

Segmentation by behavior and traits

With Metrilo's CRM tool, you can use the actions that people take on your site to create segments for marketing. With over 30 filters and filter combinations that work right out of the box, sales opportunities are at your fingertips. For example, you can easily segment your most loyal returning customers who have not bought in the last month, and build a compelling sales offer just for them.

Action-based filters

Action performed What the customer did, such as add to cart, view product, etc.
Action not performed Filter people did not do something: add to cart, view product, etc.
Product interactions Target people who interacted with a specific set of products.
Product categories Target people buying from a specific product category
Cart/Browse abandoners Pre-defined rules that let you re-engage at any time
Email campaigns Target people based on their previous interactions with your emails
Coupon used If you want to target a group of people who used a specific coupon

Customer-based filters

Revenue Filter people by the revenue they have generated: less than, more than and equal to.
Orders Filter people by how many orders they have: less than, more than and equal to.
Last order Target people based on when they last purchased from your store
Last active Target people based on when they last entered your website
Sessions Target people based on their engagement with your website
Location Target people based on their location
Tags Got your own way of segmenting people? You can use your own tags for segmentation

Money-making customer segments

Metrilo lets you filter your customer database by all characteristics and behaviors tracked to get relevant segments for retargeting and email engagement. Idle high spenders, most frequent buyers, cart abandoners, and holiday shoppers are among the best converting segments when properly engaged.

Email marketing backed by data

Metrilo gives you behavior insights to tailor your email marketing for better results. All data is made usable through the interconnected CRM and email - just filter and send email. Relevant offers and perfect timing will keep your customers engaged and shopping repeatedly. The better you understand your customers, the stronger relationships you can build with them.

The Assistant helps you make sense of all CRM data

The Assistant is an active algorithm that enhances the reporting functionality of Metrilo and Metrilo is not just data reporting, the Assistant tool analyzes the data and serves you ready insights and findings, plus ways to use them to improve sales. Unhappy customers you need to get back to or a very loyal customer who placed yet another order and deserves a special reward - the Assistant will let you know.

CricksyDog builds customer relationships on Metrilo data

Business: DTC dog food

Uses Metrilo mainly for: CRM

Everyday the CricksyDog team goes through the Customer Database for insights to use in their calls with customers. Order history, session records and notes help them communicate relevantly and drive repeat orders. This process enables the dog food company to stay close to customers and earn their trust, bonding over a mutual care for dogs.

"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business. It gives me the data right away."

Moiz Ali

Founder & CEO of Native Cosmetics

"I love the clarity of information, it's a breath of fresh air in the analytics world."

Spencer Walden

Owner of Chocolab