Ecommerce fundamentals

The basics to have in place for your online store and brand. What not to miss in your daily tasks. What activities to make an indispensable part of your strategy.

The hidden power of small ecommerce businesses

If you own a small ecommerce business, this piece is for you. SMBs may lack financial resources and manpower, influence, or reach, but they still have a huge advantage over big companies.

You still own your complete branding, communication, and messaging. You have the freedom to decide your brand image and values. You can make changes fast and adapt while big ones need countless people to say yes or do their part. Small businesses are actually more adaptable, genuine and close to customers. This power is very useful for acquiring new customers and retaining old customers.

Also, more and more people are coming back to small, local businesses thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. This proves that people care where they shop from so you have a lot to offer! Corporations seem heartless with their focus on selling at all costs, but your business is more than that – it is your creation, your family’s income, your employees’ security.

This list can be a feel-good checklist for you or a basis for a new marketing communication strategy. By all means, use what you have and remember that big companies don’t have it. They make up for it with big marketing budgets but it’s not the same.

How do customers feel about chatbots?

In February 2020, Facebook announced that, along with other changes to its app, it is hiding chatbots away for a faster and simpler view. Games, business, the whole Discover part is pushed back. This is a big shift after 3 years of everyone in the industry talking about how chatbots are changing the way people shop.

Does Facebook know something we refuse to see? Did chatbots not live up to expectations fast enough?

The only relevant opinion is that of the shoppers – if they use chatbots, how they feel about them, is it working? That’s the ultimate proof of anything in ecommerce, all else is just companies trying to sell their tech product.

Streamline your ecommerce: 5 productivity tips for owners and marketers

You are the owner of a relatively small ecommerce business with just a few employees or even doing it all by yourself. Productivity is probably one of your main issues. Nothing happens if you don’t take care of it.

But in order to be competitive, you need certain things done: good promotions in place, emails sent out, ads running effectively…Not to mention making business decisions based on current numbers like adding or dropping a product, ordering inventory, fixing marketing spend, working with influencers and so on.

To stay on top of things and stay sane (I know how it feels!), here’s a list of all the things you can streamline to increase your in-house productivity. Those are things small teams and one-man-shows should not waste time on – here’s how to get it done and focus on more important tasks.

CBD Marketing and advertising

Statista estimates the CBD market size at 1.15 billion USD sales in 2020 and reaching 23 billion in 2025. And yet, working with many CBD brands, we know CBD marketing is hard and very strictly regulated. Can you advertise CBD on Facebook? We will try to answer the most pressing questions and help you sell more CBD products online.

Traffic to your store doesn’t matter

Note: This is an opinion piece by the Metrilo marketing team. Its purpose is solely to offer a new angle of looking at things. It’s healthy to challenge our ingrained beliefs from time to time!

Ecommerce store owners struggle to increase traffic to their sites all the time. Traffic is probably the most popular topic in any seller discussion group. The first question newbies ask is, “How do I get traffic?”

Well, maybe that’s wrong. Maybe that’s the wrong thing to focus on.

Customer lifetime value in ecommerce 101

Customer lifetime value is proving to be one of the most important ecommerce metrics. More and more online brands discover customer lifetime value as an indicator of brand loyalty, stable financials and possibilities for growth. We’ll see why in a bit.

What is customer lifetime value?

Customer lifetime value is the total amount of money someone spends with your brand over the complete period of their customer lifetime. This is from their first purchase ever to the last one before they drop out as a customer and never shop from you again.

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