Customer retention marketing

How to do customer lifecycle marketing driven by cohort analysis, CLV maximization, repeat rate optimization and retention reports.

Lifecycle emails to keep your customers close

Successful customer retention relies on constant communication between brand and customers. But how to do it without being annoying?

With carefully planned lifecycle emails.

There are various ways you can engage your customers on social media, via direct mail, paid search but email nurturing gives you the best levels of ROI in retaining customers.

Of course, the content in emails is what makes the difference between a winning lifecycle email and a losing one. We will get to this a bit later.

Why you should do cohort analysis for your online store

I know you have a thousand things to do and cohort analysis on not top of the list, but you should incorporate it in your marketing activities and business performance reports because it is gold.

Cohort analysis gives you personalization at scale since it’s not 1-on-1, but it’s not blanket approach to your whole customer base either.

How to make your own Retention report and use it to sell more

If you have a long-term strategy for your ecommerce business, you know you should be focusing on customer retention, not only on acquisition.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own retention report in order to measure your retention efforts now and see what can be improved.

For those of you who don’t want to do it in spreadsheets themselves (and run on Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce), we have something very convenient for you at the end.

Best practices for customer retention

The ecommerce industry is finally turning to retention as acquisition is no longer cheap enough to make money on single orders. Customer Retention

You probably see conversion rates and reach falling, CAC going up, losing money on the first order is the norm now…

What can you do to keep afloat and earn money?

Make up for those CACs to the fullest. Get returns on the money you spent already! Once you paid to play, make the most out of it.

Retain your customers and make profit. Here’s how.

How to use cohort analysis for better customer experience

Cohort analysis in ecommerce may not be the first thing you think about in the morning, but it may very well be the key to providing premium customer experience.

In this article you’ll discover:

  • How to read customer behavior and what it means
  • How cohort analysis shows you what to do to make your shoppers happy
  • And, of course, how to drive more sales thanks to cohort analysis

How to get loyal customers when selling beauty products online

Beauty is one of the industries with the lowest customer loyalty. There’s so much choice that people feel curious to try ever new products.Brand Loyalty

Also, big drugstore brands have traditionally trained consumers to shop at discount. We all know our favorite brand of shampoo is on sale every other month.

Plus, the common misconception that cosmetic products stop working after a while doesn’t help cosmetic brands keep customers for long and consistently.

So what can you do as a cosmetic brand selling online to be successful? How to stay in business in such competition?

We say, there’s a way to win loyal a customer base and get repeat orders.

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