Ecommerce growth strategies

What your ecommerce strategy should include in order to grow? Mid- and long-term vision resources for the ecommerce brand owner.

Selling on Pinterest: an awesome marketing channel for ecommerce brands

Pinterest is a great place for marketing your ecommerce brand with its 367 million users worldwide. It’s the fastest growing social network and one with a huge impact on ecommerce sales.

Still, it is underrated as a shopping channel even though most pinners go there to plan purchases. So this article goes over the marketing and sales opportunities for ecommerce brands on the platform AND the Pinterest marketing best practices to follow.

How food deliveries and restaurants can drive online sales with Metrilo

The coronavirus crisis is forcing many food businesses to focus on – or start – their online channel. Deliveries are the only way for restaurants to survive in many countries now. And the trend is likely to stay as people expect to be able to order anything online no matter the circumstances.

Our mission at Metrilo is to help entrepreneurs grow and thrive so as more and more food companies rely on ecommerce setups, we want to show you how you can grow your business in no time and make it (very well) through the crisis.

Keep sales going with buy now, pay later apps

In times of uncertainty like now, people cut down their shopping. They might be cautious about their cash flow month in and month out, or they might think most purchases can wait. Whichever the reason, your ecommerce business may be hurt.

How to drive sales in times like this? How to make customers more at ease with spending money now?

In short: by asking for less money upfront.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) tools give you an alternative payment method for those insecure shoppers that would not convert otherwise. It lets them pay for their purchase in installments while you get your money immediately from the provider.

Complete guide to package inserts for ecommerce brands

Package inserts are those printed coupons, thank you notes, and stickers that you put in an order package as a gesture for your customers. They may grant them discounts, invite them to join your community on a social medium or just make them feel good about shopping from your brand.

Here’s a guide to using such package inserts for your brand if you haven’t yet.

What you can steal from subscriptions without offering one

Some subscription-based brands have exploded to stardom: Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club, BirchBox, ipsy, Trunk Club, BarkBox, etc. not to mention Amazon Subscribe and Save.

You probably also want to reap the goodness of customer love as they do, but cannot offer subscriptions for some reason. We get it! Not all products and brands can immediately get thousands people on board paying monthly. Or because your customers buy at very different time intervals (you can monitor time between orders with Metrilo’s retention analysis).

How to drive holiday sales

The holiday season has started and you’re probably already on fire. It’s crazy but very rewarding, I know. And not to waste any of your precious time, I have a bare-bones action plan ready for you to just plug in and cash on this holiday season.

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