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How to increase customer lifetime value in ecommerce

If you want to increase your store’s customer lifetime value, you realize its importance on your bottom line and customer relationships. CLV is essential for profitability.Boost CLV

That’s the spirit! We love helping ecommerce entrepreneurs build financially strong and sustainable businesses.

So, the formula we use for calculating CLV is

3 Reasons why customer lifetime value is crucial for your ecommerce business

Customer lifetime value in ecommerce is not interesting to look at every day. High CLV Customer

Busy with day-to-day tasks, we often forget that, however, it is powerful enough to make or break the business.

In this article, we explain why customer lifetime value should be part of your long-term ecommerce strategy.

Cloudways – Metrilo’s technology partner

Metrilo’s mission is to empower ecom entrepreneurs to run successful business. That’s why we partnered up with Cloudways as our Technology Partner and we’d like to introduce them to you.

5 Tips to prepare your ecommerce site for the mobile-first index

As we move through 2018, the importance of preparing your site for the mobile-first index grows every day. Mobile First Google Change

Since the announcement of the move to the mobile-first index way back in November 2016, SEO forums have been awash with comment and speculation about the rollout.

Whilst no fixed date has yet been set, there seems no doubt that the move is imminent and that Google is in fact already rolling this out, although very softly, to specific sites around the world.

Despite the long notice period, there are still so many sites out there who have yet to ‘prepare’ for the rollout, meaning a lot of scrambling could lie ahead.

For ecommerce sites, the job of preparing for the mobile-first index is often much bigger than information-led sites. With hundreds, thousands and possibly millions of product pages, ensuring that those pages are just as crawlable, indexable and ultimately as ‘rankable’ on mobile as they are on desktop is a huge task.

Boost customer retention with cohort analysis

Cohort analysis sounds so complicated and so boring. Isn’t it big-player stuff, one of those reports prepared for board meetings that no-one cares about? Do you need a data geek to do it? Cohort Analysis For Retention

Fortunately, no, no and no.

It’s actually a fun exercise for you as an ecommerce marketer that paves the way for meaningful customer retention marketing. And it doesn’t need to be a pain the a**.

New Tasks feature in Metrilo

Teamwork in Metrilo just got easier with our new feature: tasks.

Another CRM improvement

Last month, we released a Customer Feedback Scoring feature so that you can get business improving feedback directly from your customers.

This month, we wanted to tackle improving workflows and saving you time by managing work directly with your customer data in Metrilo.

With so much data to act on, it’s good to have a place in the CRM where you and your teammates can keep track of what needs to be done for individual customers.

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