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Trending Ecommerce Niche Products That Are Killing It [2017 Update]

Ecommerce is proving to be the best channel for selling niche products.

There are so many hip products now nobody had heard of before and they’re an awesome way to start eCommerce business with differentiation in mind.

Many of the eCommerce entrepreneurs who work with us sell such niche products online and we see how successful they are.

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Why niche products sell so well online?

Ecommerce gives forward-thinking merchants a bigger reach to compensate for a smaller target group, and endless opportunities to educate about a new product.

Actually, it might be even easier to cater to a more specific target customer group online – you have better targeting tools and traffic efforts can be really well-focused. Otherwise, physical locations rely on foot traffic and location definitely shrinks reach.

The key is building a community around people’s shared interest in an unordinary product. It’s better if you, as a seller, are interested in the specific product or have expert knowledge of it. This would make it easier for you to create a following.

Examples of niche products seeing great sales this year

The following are the 20 niche products that have started fad of their own and see awesome results in sales.

1. Healthy food and drinks on the go

Yumi Box Jus Legumes Min 1You won’t believe how many people are ready to order a selection of smoothies for the next 2-3 days instead of making them. That’s proof people will pay for convenience.

Ecommerce Product Trends Fresh Juice Fresh Food

Google Trends about “fresh juice” and “fresh food”

Especially with all things healthy on the rise, any product that saves them time and helps them eat well on a busy schedule should be successful – given that quality and freshness really are as promised.

2. Detox tea

576130832 1280x720

These are the rage – in some offices, if you don’t drink them, you’re an outsider. Sellers score repeat purchases by offering subscriptions for a monthly supply. The fad is huge on Instagram because chic thermo bottles and cool tea strainers are offered to complete the branded experience.

Niche Products Interest Trends

Increased interest in “detox tea”

3. Matcha

Ecommerce Trending ProductIt’s green tea powder, which is more concentrated and gives you all the good things that are in the leaves. The health trend catapulted this particular kind of tea to celebrity status. Overall, the tea and tea related products niche is huge and surely interesting offerings are still to come.

Niche Product Trend

Google Trends about “matcha”

4. Nootropics

Nootropics trending niche

It does not get any more specific and niche than Nootropics (also known as smart drugs/ cognitive enhancers). We’ve all watched superhero movies and dreamed of boosting our capabilities. A bit disappointingly, Nootropics don’t make superhumans, but they help memory, creativity, motivation, reflexes, etc. Tim Ferris, the Bulletproof Executive and the pressure for productivity, effectiveness, focus and performance fuel the demand for such supplements.

Just be careful – in some parts of the world you might face legal restrictions.

Nootropics Google Trend Curve

Google Trends for “Nootropics”

5. Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners Niche Trend

We’ve seen something similar happening year in, year out. Every year has its own trendy phenomenon and this is the year of the fidget spinner. How or why this trend emerged is a question nobody seems to have an answer to.

The colorful spinning devices are nothing new to some. They have been around for almost 25 years, but it was this year when the product really had a massive worldwide impact. The toy was actually meant for children with autism or anxiety issues, but funnily enough the fidget spinner then became one of the must-have office toys for 2017.

It’s not too late to start capitalizing on the trend and the demand for fidget spinners. They also come in great variety, which is another one of the factors that turned this toy into such a phenomenon.

Looking at the graph below, you can just sense there will be another spike in interest, especially knowing that fidget spinners are no longer a niche product, they are now as mainstream as they could be!

Fidget Spinner Niche Trend

Google trends for “fidget spinners”

6. Beard oil

CYHmYszWsAAdx69Who knew men were so into pampering? The rise of the lumberjack certainly helped the never-seen-before cosmetic products and accessories especially for beards to come to being and find a place on the bathroom shelf of so many men.

The niche even splits for narrower target groups: there are brands for the trendy professional who is overlooked by other brands targeting hipsters. Niche product to the core, and yet – the customer base is big and growing since facial hair is not a taboo in the office any more.

Up And Coming Beard Oil

Google Trends about “beard oil”

7. Coconut oil based products

Pinterest claims it’s healthy and miraculous both when eaten and when used in cosmetics. Products that include its range from smoothies and raw desserts to homemade hair conditioners and lip balms. The interest in the raw substance is so huge, we wonder if there are enough coconut trees out there to supply it.

Searches For Coconut Oil

Google Trends on “coconut oil”

8. Coffee scrubs

Ecommerce Niche Product Coffee ScrubUsed as an exfoliant for face and body, that’s another example of eCommerce catering to the healthy trend.

Coffee Scrub On Google Trends

Searches for “coffee scrubs”

Plus this one sells waste – leftover coffee grounds – which is in line with the “no waste” and “reuse” philosophies that are gaining momentum. When you think about it, it’s an awesome way to earn a little bit extra from your coffee shop leftovers. :)

9. Specialty coffee

Example Niche Product BrandTalking about coffee, it’s another product niche that’s changing. People care more and more about the quality of their morning brew.

With organic, fair trade or just fresh selection, local roasting companies are overtaking the market. Fast delivery and monthly supply bundles help them stay competitive to store-bought mass coffee.

10. Craft drinks

Example Niche Proruct CiderThat product niche is a great example how eCommerce can respond to the growing demand for craft, non-mainstream products.

Connoisseurs of cider, whiskey, beer, wine and others rely on small online shops to supply them with their favorites that are hard to find in traditional shops.

The beauty of those niche online shops is that they carry a large variety and often connect customers with small, artisanal and local producers.

11. Chalk paint

Maybe it’s Pinterest’s influence or people are just tired of telling their kids to stop drawing on the walls, but it seems like every house features at least one chalk-painted wall.

Hard-core DIY-ers make their own and yet, there are enthusiasts who prefer buying the ready toned paint. With the upheaval DIY home improvement is seeing and the breeze shoppable pins are, no wonder this niche product is doing great.

12. Sustainable and ethical clothing

As environmentally-friendly lifestyle is spreading among the wealthier, the clothing industry is shifting to more sustainable manufacturing and attention to materials. Brands focus on very narrow customer segments like environmentally conscious surfers or highly sensitive to synthetic fabrics mothers-to-be.

Example Niche Product Handmade

13. Wood glasses

Yes, it sounds rough and bulky, but they are not. Technology has allowed eyewear to be shaped and polished beautifully out of wood and complete with any kind of lenses people need.

The trend started with artisans crafting them themselves and now you can dropship from China. Price varies, but it’s affordable generally, which helps the fad spread.

Who likes them, you ask. In fact, modern young people are kind of fed up with plastic and wood adds a crafty whimsical touch to their look.Sayon Wood Frame Sunglasses

14. Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins Trending Product

Enamel pins are a nothing new. These fashion items have been around for decades, but it seems like the demand for them is on the rise now. Personalization nowadays is valued above most things and enamel pins are the perfect item for personalizing clothes, backpacks or anything else that can take a pin. Why people like them? It’s an easy way to signal belonging to a social or lifestyle group, music taste, or love for a pop culture products (movies, books, etc.) Fandoms can be really good and loyal customers if you serve them the right products.

Enamel Pins Trend Curve

Google Trends for “Enamel Pins”

15. Subscription boxes

This niche within eCommerce has its niches too! Since it makes economic sense to apply the model to products people buy regularly, shopping for staples will never be the same.

Artisan/ local  food and drinks; cookies; natural food; recipes plus ingredients; ready cooked meals on a nutrition plan

….the options are endless.


16. Pet food + accessories

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense – instead of putting dog food on your grocery list every two weeks, you can save the effort subscribing for a box.

Pet Subscription Box Niche Products

17. Socks

Not kidding. Ingenious entrepreneurs figured out that we buy socks fairly regularly and in bulk, but don’t want to spend time on it – their product takes the task off the plate.

Another example of eCommerce taking convenience to a whole new level. How niche is it? Do you own a pair of mustard-colored socks? Exactly.

Soks Subscription Box Niche Product

18. Vapors (electronic cigarettes) and accessories

With the ban on smoking in public spaces spreading worldwide, people turn to the legal alternative. The variety of flavors has its appeal and the niche seems to be thriving.

Maybe reports of heavy smokers who managed to decrease toxic intake thanks to the vapes help. Or maybe it’s the convenience of a quick draw without having to go outside and smoke the whole thing.Image12

19. Phone Power Banks

Power Banks Trending Product

Our smartphones have become such a necessity that many people dread going out without their personal device. To be constantly in contact, they need extra charge on the go and technology happily delivers – portable power banks are a must-have item in both women’s purses and men’s backpacks. They’re so mainstream now, people get choosy in terms of weight, style, color and capacity.

Phone Power Banks Trend Curve

Google Trends for “Phone Power Banks”

20. All Things VR

VR Trending Niche Product

Virtual Reality has already made it into our lives and it’s here to stay. Everyone is curious to see how far it can go, which encourages businesses to do all sorts of things with the technology. Whether it’s going to be gaming headsets or just goggles for watching videos, you have plenty of options. It’s a new and exciting technology so the demand is there. Only, as with any tech gadgets, quality will matter over price.

VR Trend Curve

Google Trends for “VR”

21. Fandom items (mugs, T-shirts, etc.)

Fan wearables are always cool. Some communities (DIY moms, vegans, dog lovers, Game of Thrones fans, you get it) are so strong and so well-established niche markets that whole businesses can be built around them.

If you know the typical member of such group or you belong to one, it’d be way easier to enter the niche and reach those people without seeming like an imposter.

Dog T Shirts Trending Niche Product


22. Unicorn-themed clothes & accessories

Unicorn Themed Niche Trend

This is one most of us are familiar with. Unicorns have been around forever basically, however it’s just now that people started obsessing with unicorns. With the communication tools that we have nowadays (Social Media), people find it easier to show their addiction to unicorns and unicorn-themed clothing and accessories.

Until you know it, things like unicorn inspired beauty items, unicorn-like swimming pool floaties and all sorts of other shiny, colorful and glittery stuff have flooded in. There are also quite a bit of clothing inspired by the unicorn trend. What helps this become a trend is that most of the accessories and clothes are also the perfect festival gear too!

The graph below shows there’s constant interest, but unicorn-themed items are in demand now and might be here to stay.

The Uncorn Niche Trend

Google trends for “unicorn accessories”

Are you switching to niche products to sell online?

Of course, we’re not saying you should drop what you’re doing and start selling products from the above-mentioned. These are just to keep you informed what’s trending in the industry.

If you’re happy with your current range, you can keep an eye on individual product performance and just update where needed.

As we said in the beginning, entering such a niche would be easier if you are an enthusiast and/or expert on the product. Or eager to learn because you’ll have to make happy people with very special preferences who know a lot about the product.

What’s your niche that we missed? You can choose to start an online store in any popular niche and sell anything you love. Using Oberlo, you can easily add thousands of different products from any niche into your online store. Sell anything you want, anyway you want.


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