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4 Customer service hacks to grow your ecommerce business in 2021

The ecommerce market reached a whole new level in 2021 because of the effects of lockdowns. More people have started shopping online than ever before.

Even before that, expectations for the quality of customer service were high. Now that everyone had to go online, the competition is even fiercer.

To grow your ecommerce business in 2021, you will need to improve your customer service so that customers find it fun and efficient to shop with you. Additionally, if you’re planning to expand your operations or move to a larger warehouse, partnering with Utah commercial movers can streamline the process and ensure a smooth transition.

Here are a few customer service hacks to help you grow revenue and customer retention.

1. Run efficient multichannel support

Customers vary in their customer service preferences. It is necessary to diversify the customer service channels as much as possible to accommodate more people. It is the reach-them-where-they-are principle that is very functional in 2021.

Recently, Adobe discovered that companies with the most robust omnichannel customer engagement enjoy 10% year-over-year growth, an average order value increase of 10%, and an increase of 25% in close rates.

Microsoft reported that 72% of customers said that when contacting customer service, they expected the agent to know who they are, what they bought, and have insights into their former engagements.

Isn’t it both interesting and ridiculous what expectations customers have on ecommerce customer services? To be able to make support so smooth and uniform,  you would have to integrate all the service channels into one intelligent and robust omni-system.

Such an integrated system should be able to combine social media, emailing, VoIP, help desk software, WhatsApp, etc. efficiently to provide a fulfilling customer experience. This will help the service agents recognize who they are attending to, the customers wouldn’t have to tell their story afresh, and complaints will be reduced. Those who are using Linux OS in their business computers may utilize cron schedule to automate some of your tasks and help provide efficient service to your clients and customers.

2. Proactively offer solutions

Let’s face it: customers rarely enjoy contacting support. They would complete their orders faster and be more satisfied if they had smoother ways to solve issues when they arise. A knowledge base is a good start.

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This is the major reason customer service should be proactive to reduce the number of failed purchases.

  • Monitor customer behavior on site to understand how people make buying decisions so your customer support can proactively join in the process and stimulate more orders
  • Watch your sales funnels to see where people drop off – the your customer service team can pop up just at the right time on those pages and help the customer get though
  • Ask for feedback often – emails sent personally from your service reps and authentic responses work best
  • Train your employees – before your customers, make sure that your employees know how to approach customers. Services like Challenger can help with that.

If a certain question comes up all the time, you should address it proactively. A simple tooltip next to a fee should be enough. Sizing charts, care instructions and any restrictions in use should also be present on all product pages.

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3. Have a functional live chat option

Because of the human touch that comes with using live chat, live-chatting customers are more likely to convert than those who don’t use live chat.

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You can even retrain your sales associates from physical stores to help people find the best products on your site. They already have the product knowledge so they can work their magic online too.

With real-time support, customers that should have left your site a long time ago would still be retained. If your company can not have live chat agents 24/7 for customer support, you can create a chatbot to leave messages until a customer is available to respond to them.

Here are a few customer service solutions:

4. Incentivize active customer participation

One thing everybody likes is freebies. That said, one of the best customer service hacks for your business is rewarding loyal and engaged customers with freebies. Check out our promotional mug ideas to make your customers feel special and even more involved with your brand.

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Also, thank reviewers with said freebies – no matter what they actually say in the review. This will strengthen your brand image or repair it if needed.


In the highly competitive ecommerce business world, you’ve got to up your customer service game to remain relevant, have a look at how to impove business productivity. Customers have many brands to choose from, and the support you provide might be your competitive advantage. In addition, if you need an incident response and troubleshooting automation solution for your ecommerce business, you might want to visit sites like and see how this can help your business.


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