Customer retention marketing

How to do customer lifecycle marketing driven by cohort analysis, CLV maximization, repeat rate optimization and retention reports.

Best practices for Direct-To-Consumer brands

You have a special product in mind that you want to produce and sell? Or you’re already doing that? Customer Centric Ecommerce

The DTC business model (direct-to-consumer or direct brands as they’re called by some experts for short) is gaining traction these days so you’re on the right path. You own your customers, control their whole experience journey and get all the profits.

But we know it’s not easy when others are using ready solutions like dropshipping and marketplaces. That’s why in this article we put together the the top things making positive impact for the many direct-to-consumer brands we work with.

How to increase customer lifetime value in ecommerce

If you want to increase your store’s customer lifetime value, you realize its importance on your bottom line and customer relationships. CLV is essential for profitability.Boost CLV

That’s the spirit! We love helping ecommerce entrepreneurs build financially strong and sustainable businesses.

So, the formula we use for calculating CLV is

3 Reasons why customer lifetime value is crucial for your ecommerce business

Customer lifetime value in ecommerce is not interesting to look at every day. High CLV Customer

Busy with day-to-day tasks, we often forget that, however, it is powerful enough to make or break the business.

In this article, we explain why customer lifetime value should be part of your long-term ecommerce strategy.

Boost customer retention with cohort analysis

Cohort analysis sounds so complicated and so boring. Isn’t it big-player stuff, one of those reports prepared for board meetings that no-one cares about? Do you need a data geek to do it? Cohort Analysis For Retention

Fortunately, no, no and no.

It’s actually a fun exercise for you as an ecommerce marketer that paves the way for meaningful customer retention marketing. And it doesn’t need to be a pain the a**.

Ecommerce Retention Marketing

Ecommerce is booming, getting new customers is getting harder and pricier.AARRR Framework Retention

How do you grow in cut-throat competition? You work with what you already have – and paid for!

You do retention marketing to make more sales to your existing customers. Here’s how.

Picking the right Magento CRM platform

Most people choose Magento for its ability to handle large shops – many products, lots of events being generated. It also means lots of customer data. Magento Crm Extension

Actually, your customer data is what you should be working with every day. To do next-level marketing. To grow your ecommerce business.

Magento’s great for supporting large stores, but it’s not exactly marketing-oriented. For best results, we recommend you use a CRM tool to help you organize client data and use it to drive sales.

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