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eCommerce terms starting with E

Ecommerce analyticsPopular

— Ecommerce analytics is the monitoring of key ecommerce metrics, trends and marketing performance. It can be just an ecommerce dashboard (like Google Analytics) or a full-fledged analytics tool like Metrilo that finds correlations and opportunities in the d

Ecommerce growthPopular

— Ecommerce growth is the process of increasing revenue, expanding your customer base, entering new markets, earning a bigger market share. There are two distinctive stages of growth: Entrepreneurial - You grow in sales, number of orders, popularity but y

Ecommerce metricsPopular

— Ecommerce metrics are those sales, marketing, product management and customer metrics that help evaluate how an ecommerce business is performing. Among the most essential ecommerce metrics are: Revenue Conversion rate Cost of acquisition New customer

Ecommerce dashboard

— Ecommerce dashboard is the front of an ecommerce analytics tool, where you can see your most important ecommerce metrics in real time.  Usually, an ecommerce dashboard contains sales numbers, new clients and orders, conversion rate, top performing pr

Email automation

— Email automation means sending email marketing campaigns automatically, triggered by specifically chosen events or actions. Email automation works best to answer customer needs, react to customer actions and engage at planned times for maximum effectivenes

Email newsletter

— Email newsletter is a type of a marketing email that’s sent regularly to subscribers and customers for engagement and keeping your brand top-of-mind. It typically contains more information, updates or entertainment than promotional offers.  Ema

Email series

— Email series is a type of an email marketing campaign consisting of more than one email. Its purpose is to drive engagement, traffic and sales from leads and existing customers. It’s called a series because there’s a connection between the indi

Email trigger

— Email trigger is an event, usually a customer action, that triggers an automated email to be sent out. These customer actions acting as email triggers can be: Places an order Abandons cart Abandoned browsing Subscribers for blog Registers for member