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eCommerce terms starting with S

Sustainable growthPopular

— Sustainable growth in ecommerce is hard to achieve. It means growing in revenue while turning a profit. As acquisition costs increase, profitability goes down. More traffic and even more sales don’t guarantee more profits and being able to keep the l

Sales attribution

— Sales attribution is the connection between revenue generated and the marketing channel that brought the customer. Proper sales attribution includes revenue breakdown by: Traffic channel Campaign Referrer Coupon code A good CRM will also attribute

Sales channels

— Sales channels is where your product is sold. This can be on your ecommerce website, through Instagram, in an offline shop, through a reselling retailer, etc. It is where actually the conversion takes place. DTC is a blend where the site as a marketing cha

Sales funnel

— A sales funnel is the desired progress through customer lifecycle stages as planned by the company - from initial learning about the brand through purchase and loyalty. Analyzing your sales funnel shows where exactly your marketing efforts leak money. DTC


— Samples are mini versions of products, added for free in a customer's order or given out at events. Their purpose is to popularize a new product or simply get people to try more of your range. It’s a smart tactic to stimulate future orders and cu


— Seasonality is fluctuation in sales figures throughout the year due to varying demand.  Some products are more impacted by seasonality than others - coffee is bought more regularly than swimsuits, for example. Also, ecommerce as a whole experiences s

Segmented email

— Segmented email is a marketing email sent to a specific customer segment with the purpose of inciting an action from that segment in particular. The segmentation is done to narrow down the customer base so the email is more targeted and relevant. This way,

Share of returning customers

— Share of returning customers shows how many of your buyers place more than one order. The rest are one-time buyers. It’s essential to keep those two in balance that fosters growth. Only one-timers limit growth because you’re run out of new cust

Shipping experience

— Shipping experience is a part of the overall shopping experience, related to the delivery of the order items. For it to be satisfying, the order should arrive in the estimated delivery time and in perfect condition. Tracking and updates should be also avai

Shopping behavior

— Shopping behavior is all actions a person takes associated with buying a product or service. In ecommerce, it includes searching by keywords, browsing websites, reading reviews, signing up for emails, clicking on ads and so on.  In order to maximize

Shopping experience

— Shopping experience is all touch points, communications, and interactions a person has with your brand across channels. It is how the person feels along their customer journey. The UX on site, the payment options, the email marketing, the retargeting on so