We believe the consumer products of tomorrow are created by entrepreneurs like you,

not corporations, and we want to help you build your brand and win your place in the customer’s heart.

our mission

We give exciting product brands the tools to grow and to claim territory from the incumbents in their niches. Our software facilities the profitable growth of digitally native brands and our expertise comes from daily work with successful innovators and founders.

Our advisors

Who help us create Metrilo for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Davide Cervellin

Head of Analytics, Insights and Data at Booking.com. Previously: PayPal

Davide’s vast expertise in big data guides us in our efforts in expanding our reporting and making even deeper insights easily accessible and actionable

Moiz Ali

Founder of Native Cosmetics. Previously: founded & sold Caskers

Moiz grew Native to $100 million (paid in cash by P&G) with Metrilo from day 1. His vision how to make online brands succeed is behind many of our features and roadmap.

Why we do it

We love seeing cool products reach more people
We meet and work with awesome entrepreneurs
We want to be part of the change what people buy

Our journey

We’ve created an eCommerce-only product from scratch. It’s been awesome accelerating from 0 to 800 million processed orders in under 4 years. And we’re growing, not getting old.



Metrilo was founded. A team of 3 people on a mission to empower eCommerce entrepreneurs.


1st seed round closed. Our partners LauncHub and Eleven backed our idea and helped make Metrilo a reality.
Daily events tracked: 301k


We officially launched Metrilo and got
our first paying customer.


2nd seed round closed.
We are growing thanks to Speedinvest, LauncHub and Eleven!
Daily events tracked: 604k


We released our personalized email system. Now, all data can be used for engaging email campaigns.


We reached a great milestone: Metrilo generated more than 1,5 million in sales for our customers from emails alone!


Product Insights released to help you improve, optimize and manage your products and inventory.
Daily events tracked: 1.63m


Metrilo is now on the Shopify App Store. You can integrate your Shopify store with literally one click.


We created the Retention Analysis. You can predict and drive growth learning from your retention performance.


We released the Customer Feedback tool. Gathering feedback and reviews now works for you on autopilot!


$15,634,166 generated from our email marketing tools during the holiday season 2017.
Daily events tracked: 2.61M


$100,000,000 total sales generated with our email automation and segmentation tools so far. The milestone was hit at 2:30am GMT on 11th of January.


Office in Boston opened.


800 million orders processed by Metrilo so far.


After many talks with successful customers, we realize what other entrepreneurs lack and double down on our retention tools to help more brands grow profitably.


Marketing Performance reporting released. Monitor how your campaigns, referrals, and influencers drive revenue.
Daily events tracked: 3.9m


Our Growth Framework for DTC brands, backed by super successful entrepreneurs like Moiz Ali (Native), is live. Take it, implement it, use it (it’s absolutely free!) and grow your brand.


Increased the functionality of the CRM to enable even more detailed segmentations and better targeting. Time frames, feedback given and many other filters added for personalization at scale.


After Native got acquired by Procter & Gamble, the founder Moiz Ali became a Metrilo advisor to help us help other ecommerce brands become so successful.
Daily events tracked: 9.6m


New drag-and drop email editor released: an easy and versatile way to create emails in Metrilo. Awesome ready templates also made available


As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we did our best to help our clients, many of whom were transitioning from offline to online for the first time. We also did not abandon any of our suppliers amidst the crisis, paying our bills without asking for discounts and doing our part in keeping the ecosystem alive.


During this crazy year, we also had to learn to work remotely with all its challenges. We’re happy to say that the Metrilo team spirit was not broken and we managed to get things done and grow forward.
Daily events tracked: 24.1m


Released the Assistant, an algorithmic addition to Metrilo’s data processing power that proactively searches for opportunities in your data. It alerts you about trends or correlations you might’ve missed and suggests how to improve your sales and marketing performance.