A company on a mission to help ecommerce stores achieve data-driven growth.

You can come meet us both in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria or in our office in San Francisco

our mission

Metrilo is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and we love knowing that our clients are fighters and often disruptors in their niches. We’re proud to help their awesome products reach more people.

We appreciate

Simplicity, functionality, and client feedback for our product.
Friendliness, humor, and awesomeness in people.
Espresso, prosciutto ciabattas, and ice cream in our bellies.

Something about our journey

We’ve created an eCommerce-only product from scratch. It’s been awesome accelerating from 0 to 40 million processed orders in under 4 years. And we’re growing, not getting old.



Metrilo was founded. A team of 3 people on a mission to empower eCommerce entrepreneurs.


1st seed round closed. Our partners LauncHub and Eleven backed our idea and helped make Metrilo a reality.
A team of 4
Working on 12 servers


We officially launched Metrilo and got 
our first paying customer.


2nd seed round closed.
We are growing thanks to Speedinvest, LauncHub and Eleven!
A team of 11
Working on 48 servers


We released our personalized email system. Now, all data can be used for engaging email campaigns.


We reached a great milestone: Metrilo generated more than 1,5 million in sales for our customers from emails alone!


The Email Automation feature was released.40 million orders processed by Metrilo to date.
A team of 15
Working on 64 servers


Metrilo is now on the Shopify App Store. You can integrate your Shopify business in literally one click.


We've released the new Retention feature. Merchants can now easily predict and drive their growth with their own retention data!


We were really slow on this one, but custom HTML emails were finally released.


We released the Customer Feedback tool. Gathering customer feedback and reviews is now easy and on autopilot!


$15,634,166 (and 95 cents) generated from our email marketing tools during the holiday season 2017. We're proud with our merchants!
A team of 18
Working on 95 servers


$100,000,000 total sales generated with our email automation and segmentation tools so far. The milestone was hit at 2:30am GMT on 11th of January.