Metrilo helps eCommerce brands grow

Make confident growth decisions faster and amplify customer engagement

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Optimize marketing

Connect marketing and sales to accurately evaluate performance

Identify growth problems

Discover where your brand is stuck and open your way to scaling

Skyrocket retention

Grow thanks to long-lasting customer relationships

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Metrilo is the plug-and-play growth platform of tomorrow's brands

Metrilo's analytics tools provide marketing and sales insights and uncover untapped opportunities.

The built-in customer engagement tools let you create premium experiences to boost your brand and drive repeat sales. Your brand grows thanks to smart use of data and customer retention.

"Metrilo has become an integral part of our DNA"
An eCommerce founder on Capterra

How does Metrilo work?

Metrilo spots visitors from their first website session. When they sign up or buy, Metrilo connects their past behavior and creates detailed customer profiles.

With all customer information in one place, our platform simplifies growth decisions and enables excellent customer experience via email.

Why online brand founders love Metrilo?

Speed Make decisions fast on ready data How?
Accuracy Correct reports without any setup How?
Expertise We understand how brands succeed How?

Metrilo works out of the box

Daily, Weekly and Monthly sales performance by channels
Live dashboard with crucial metrics about your store
Ready-to-use customer segments and email automations

Own powerful website tracking fully integrated with your store

Accurate performance metrics
Bulletproof analyses built for brand founders

We work closely with D2C brands to help them overcome growth challenges.

Our reports and analyses are built upon real use-cases
Everything is pre-set for ecommerce. Metrilo works out of the box
Reliable support and team of experts in the ecommerce industry

Case studies

See the success stories of our customers


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"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business because I want to act fast. It is plug and play and gives me the data right away."
– Moiz Ali, Founder & CEO of Native (now part of P&G)
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