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Sell more with data-driven decisions

Your ecommerce data is all over the place. With Metrilo, you have the complete overview of your business performance. We measure your KPIs, analyze trends and present it all to you in one place, ready to help you sell more products. Learn more


Send emails that actually convert

Are you tired of sending emails with low conversion rate? With full integration between email tool and CRM, it's easy to send highly personalized emails. Relevant messages make you sell more. Learn more


Meet the people behind your orders

Metrilo gives you detailed information on each of your customers and improves your communication with them based on our powerful behavioral segmentation. Then our eCommerce CRM personalizes all your communications creating loyal customers who ultimately buy from you. Learn more

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We've just integrated another e-commerce using 5-minutes process. Amazing support. Great product.

23 December 2016
Érico Scorpioni @ericoscorpioni

Great tool and super easy to integrate. Tried some of Metrilo competition, and this was the only with absolutely none conflict.

05 December 2016
Kcxruy16_normal @AirlineShoe

clear metrics for ecommerce CRM and marketing automation to sale online

08 December 2016
Jose Luis Montesino @jlmontesino

Super impressed with ! Setup was silly easy, captured years of data from previous platform, and the tool itself is remarkable.

23 December 2016
Zach Bunn @zachbunn

Metrilo works out of the box

Sick of complicated integrations? Metrilo needs no coding or set-up of reports - it's ready to use. It syncs with your historical data so you see insights immediately. 10 minutes after starting your trial, you can be selling.


“You don't need to hire an overpaid MBA to analyze your eCommerce. Metrilo makes sense of your data and enables you to act on it.”

Saptarshi Nath, Managing Director at Overcart

Make your eCommerce data work for your business

Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required.

5-minute integration. Official plugins for