Metrilo Press Kit

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Explaining Metrilo

What is Metrilo?

Metrilo is a marketing and sales analytics SaaS platform for online stores. The analytics and reports cover traffic, sales, marketing channels, visitor and customer behavior, product performance, conversion funnels, retention over time. All this data is usable with Metrilo’s email marketing to save you time and switching between different tools. Metrilo helps online brands grow with the power of data and focus on customer retention.

You can call Metrilo a SaaS, a platform or a marketing/ data analytics/ ecommerce tool, but it is not a plugin. It only uses a plugin to connect to the backend of the store.

How does Metrilo work?

After being connected to an online store via a plugin (we have them ready for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce), the platform starts processing the store’s data automatically, tracking all traffic, visitor behavior, order changes, revenue and so on as they happen and provides real-time reports.

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Metrilo screenshots

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