CRM or a customer relationship management system is a data processing tool that tracks and makes customer data usable for outreach, engagement, and relationship building. A CRM enables ongoing connection with the customer, tracking their customer journey and aligning it with the business goals. 

The customer insights from a CRM help build a mutually beneficial relationship where the customer enjoys dealing with your brand and you get their loyalty in return. 

Some uses of a CRM in ecommerce:

  • Tag customers based on their interest in a certain product or category and send tailored offers by tag
  • Monitor how feedback relates to the products ordered to find bad ones that spoil your brand image
  • Follow up with customers who return a product or cancel and order to learn more and try to keep them with a voucher for next order
  • Explore the shopping behavior of your most loyal customers in order to try and replicate it for others
  • Dig in people shopping habits to see if there are any roadblock in your funnels that need fixing - e.g. people stop and search for a sizing chart too often because such information is missing on the product pages

A CRM lets you see how people interact with your site, how they shop or don’t. Learning from their behavior, you can improve the experience you offer and better connect with them. An ecommerce CRM usually offers a direct way of communicating with them as well, like email so all segmentation and insights can be directly used for marketing. 


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