Sustainable growth

Sustainable growth in ecommerce is hard to achieve. It means growing in revenue while turning a profit. As acquisition costs increase, profitability goes down. More traffic and even more sales don’t guarantee more profits and being able to keep the lights on. 

Sustainable growth comes when you balance costs and revenue. Customer retention is the best strategy because it means revenue at virtually no cost as converting existing customers is easy through email marketing. Sustainable growth is when you grow wothout constant huge inevtsements in paid acquisition that you cannot afford.

When you grow your business sustainably, your cash flow is balanced and you can meet your expenses. You don’t bleed for marketing more than you can afford. With better profit margins, you can also reinvest in new stock, expansion, even more marketing and acquisition if you want. Sustainable growth means not relying on quick and expensive growth (such as paid acquisition) but on slower and financially more stable growth (such as building a brand and customer loyalty).

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