Tagging Your eCommerce Customers

One of the things that we got a lot of requests for is being able to add tags to your eCommerce customers in Metrilo. Since most of you use Metrilo as your main eCommerce CRM, we’re happy to let you know that you can now (finally) use tags!

eCommerce customer tags

Top 11 eCommerce Influencers To Follow and Learn From


We know you’re busy – your business needs you like a child. But we also know that you need to develop and keep track of what’s going on to be on top of your game every single day. In the vast and forward-going world of eCommerce, it’s hard and often frustrating to cut through the clutter of opinions and advice.

The Ultimate 13 Tactics to Increase Average Order Value

Ecommerce business owners, admit it – who doesn’t want more revenue coming in? Many people believe more traffic means more revenue, but it’s not always the case – sometimes traffic is more expensive and not as cost-effective. Luckily, there are other ways to boost revenue: you can increase average order value and/or conversion rate.

Updated Targeted Email Feature in Metrilo!

Emailing customers will never be the same torture again.

We from Metrilo just released the update of one of our top features, the Targeted Emails. Now you have templates to build your special messages on for a more polished and upscale look. No HTML, no designer needed. Nice, right?

Holiday Online Shopping 2015 INFOGRAPHIC: Predictions by Metrilo

Ho-ho-holiday online shopping!
The first-ever infographic by Metrilo is here!

It’s the middle of Holiday Season and we’re all excited to see the numbers this year. But until we know for sure, all we have is predictions to keep us motivated.

We prepared this infographic of estimates and it looks like
things will be better than last year. Total US online market is expected to grow by 11% from last year and to represent about 46% of all holiday shopping this year. 

An Important Step On Our Journey To Empower Awesome eCommerce Entrepreneurs

We started Metrilo in Spring 2014 with the simple mission to empower you, the eCommerce entrepreneurs worldwide to manage your business in data-driven way like the big guys do. We wanted to give smaller businesses a weapon to be competitive in the massively growing eCommerce market.

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