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An Important Step On Our Journey To Empower Awesome eCommerce Entrepreneurs

We started Metrilo in Spring 2014 with the simple mission to empower you, the eCommerce entrepreneurs worldwide to manage your business in data-driven way like the big guys do. We wanted to give smaller businesses a weapon to be competitive in the massively growing eCommerce market.

It turned out to be a bumpy road.

Figuring out what small-to-medium-sized eCommerce businesses need is a long process that – luckily for us – meant we communicate with amazing entrepreneurs from all continents constantly. Oh well, minus Antarctica. Looking at you, non-entrepreneurial penguins.

We’ve also struggled hard to built an infrastructure that collects and analyzes data in a matter of minutes. It was an amazing learning experience for all of us – both from а technical and а business point of view. It took us more than an year to build Metrilo’s backbone that now crunches millions of eCommerce interactions every day.

Metrilo customers

But we succeeded in building an useful product that serves customers from 21 countries around the world. And we’re truly grateful to everyone who trusted us in the early days and stayed with us since. It’s awesome when you think about it as growing up together.

We figured we’re onto something with Metrilo. And we’ve just made a small, but important step to get there.

We’ve just closed a seed round of investment of a little over $350,000 from Speedinvest, Eleven and Launchub that’ll help us scale operations and turn Metrilo into the Swiss Army knife for eCommerce entrepreneurs. We’re grateful to our investors from both Vienna and Sofia for believing we’re onto something big and joining us in getting there. We love you, guys.

Sofia - Vienna

How we’re going to use the investment

  • In the last 6 months, we’ve gathered tons of knowledge on what the eCommerce entrepreneurs need. Now, we’ll expand our product team to develop Metrilo faster and make it even better to cater to these needs.
  • We’ll be expanding our customer success team so we’ll be able to keep providing amazing support as we grow so all of you, our customers, get the best of Metrilo for your eCommerce business.
  • We’re going to finally be able to have a dedicated content marketing team that’ll focus on providing useful content to empower you in running and scaling your eCommerce business.

What’s going to change?

Everything for the better! Expect some brilliant things to be released out of our Sofia office in the next few months. We’re gathering full speed!

Our mission remains the same – we want to help you be amazing at running your eCommerce businesses by the power of data. And we’re more excited than ever because we can keep developing Metrilo and make it your best weapon for growth. Once again, thanks and we love you.

The Metrilo team
– Murry, Peter, Dimira, Stoimen, Zhivko, Emo and Stefan



About the author

Murry is co-founder and CEO of Metrilo. Helps the brands of tomorrow grow.

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