eCommerce customer tags

Tagging Your eCommerce Customers

One of the things that we got a lot of requests for is being able to add tags to your eCommerce customers in Metrilo. Since most of you use Metrilo as your main eCommerce CRM, we’re happy to let you know that you can now (finally) use tags!

eCommerce customer tags

Finding customers by tag

You can easily get a list of all people with a certain tag with the new Tag filter in the People tab. Let’s say you put a “frequent buyer” tag on your best customers and you want to engage them once in a while with a special offer or thank-you letter. This is now only a few clicks away.


Adding tag to people who match certain criteria

Tagging a selection of customers (either after applying filters in People or checking them in Trends) takes only a few seconds – just fetch the list of those people and apply the tag to all of them.

Not all tags were created equal.

That’s why you can also set specific colors to important tags that you need to make stand out – being good or bad. “Blog reader” might not be as important as somebody who’s really important to your business (e.g. “high LTV”, “really engaged customer” and so on). You can even pick the red color for those people who you usually have issues with (e.g. they return stuff a lot).

Tag colors in settings

What’s next in eCommerce

We’re also working on automatic tags, meaning tags would be automatically applied when certain criteria are met – for example when a customer places his 3rd order, he immediately gets the “repeat buyer” tag.

Those will go well with the marketing automation features we’re also cooking in our lab 😉

Let us know what you think! As always, you can reach us by clicking the blue button on the top right of your Metrilo account 🙂


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Murry is co-founder and CEO of Metrilo. Helps the brands of tomorrow grow.

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