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Complete guide to package inserts for ecommerce brands

Package inserts are those printed coupons, thank you notes, and stickers that you put in an order package as a gesture for your customers. They may grant them discounts, invite them to join your community on a social medium or just make them feel good about shopping from your brand.

Here’s a guide to using such package inserts for your brand if you haven’t yet.

Note: Samples also count as package inserts but we’ll be covering only the paper or printed ones here.

Why are package inserts a good idea for ecommerce brands

Some of the benefits include:

  • Create intimacy – thoughtful and personalized discounts and thank you notes reassure customers that your brand is right for them
  • Precisely targeted – only customers receive them
  • Encourage repeat orders, increase LTV – the positive experience and relevant discounts stimulate customer loyalty

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  • Can ask for reviews/ social media mentions and user-generated content
  • Can be time-limited so it stimulates purchase frequency
  • Easy to use – just print and insert in the package
  • Cheaper than digital retargeting
  • Can help you get rid of old stock if targeted to deal hunters
  • Can lead to more family members becoming customers because they saw the coupon lying around at home
  • Can be a keepsake reminding of the brand long after the shipping box has been recycled
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Frank Body Thank You Note

Which customers should receive package inserts?

Loyal customers – exactly because they don’t need to be pushed to shop more, they deserve a thank you and discounts

Customers with single, but high-value orders – they can be stimulated to place large orders more often with a personal note

Customers who provided detailed feedback – a reward is well-deserved plus they might be easy to turn into brand ambassadors since they go into such detail talking about your products

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People buying your flagship/ newest product that you want to promote heavily – user-generated content can help a lot so ask for it with a cute note.

First-time customers – to welcome them in the family and show theme where they can share their moments with your products for the community to see.

But not everyone!

Package Insert Example

Credit: 99 designs

How to do package inserts?

  • Carefully choose the receivers each time and match the insert to their profile (see previous point).

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  • You can restrict what products the coupon can be used for – maybe only the new collection or items at full price.
  • State the period of validity clearly if it’s limited.
  • Don’t mix too many calls to action in one package. Ask for one thing at a time.
  • Keep track of what package insert a customer has received and switch it up the next time. (A note in your ecommerce CRM is all you need.)
  • Use creative copywriting to grab the attention. Frank Body (pictured above) is Internet-famous for their unique, playful and – well – frank brand voice.
  • A partnership with another brand can elevate your brand image and get you new customers from another’s audience
  • Use recycled paper or another eco-friendly alternative like hemp paper – useless printouts are frowned upon.

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  • You can get creative and make your package inserts actually usable other than being a coupon code or a thank you note: a packet of flower seeds; a wardrobe freshener; a card bottle opener; a bookmark.
Seeds Package

What not to do

Don’t have the same coupons all the time so people learn the trick and use it without actually having received the coupon.

Don’t overuse them and devalue your brand. Just like discounts, package inserts should be the exception, not the norm in order to make customers feel special. Customers get used to it and don’t appreciate it if it happens often.

Don’t be boring with your copy and design of the package inserts. If it’s just a plain thank you note, it gets thrown away. Spice it up!

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Everlane Thank You NoteTools to use for creating coupons and other printed inserts


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