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Here you will find the most popular articles of Metrilo, all with the aim to help you improve your earnings. Your online store is very important for us!

Alternative ways to import bulk products in Magento: Stop killing yourself

Importing new products and editing the existing in Magento sucks. It’s ok, you can admit it. Who Cares Wall Clock

I doubt anyone enjoys exporting and importing files back and forth. It takes SO MUCH TIME.

It’s a huge and dreary task, yet you can’t do it sloppily – SEO, customer experience, conversions, all depend to a large extent on product descriptions and details.

Best WooCommerce plugins to help you sell more in 2017

There’s always something to optimize in an online store. We know you’re constantly on the lookout for tools to help you sell more. Tools For Growth

That’s why we explored what WooCommerce and partners have to offer, and picked the best extensions to boost your store’s sales in 2017.

There are 3 main ways to increase sales online: acquire more customers, make them buy more, and keep them for longer. Whether you focus on acquisition, increasing average order value (AOV) or retention, we got the top-quality plugins for you on the list.

The Massive Ecommerce Trends 2017 Report

What are the eCommerce trends 2017 has in store for us? (No pun intended.)

A year ago we tried to predict what eCommerce in 2016 was going to be like. We were right on all points and we’ll Future Of Ecommerce 2017see many of those eCommerce trends carry on in 2017, too.

But what are the new rules of the trade? What to prepare for to rock business in 2017?

How to Evaluate a Potential Fulfillment Partner

Always Look Beyond Cost

When growing an e-commerce business, we often look at warehousing and delivery as secondary issues and try to find the lowest cost provider. However, the conditions in Shipping Boxeswhich your goods are stored, packaged, and delivered to customers can have the most significant impact on how your digital brand is perceived.

The latest app or the most intuitive website can get you the first sale, but they can’t generate repeat sales if the product doesn’t arrive intact – and they can’t help you avoid returns either.

Make Your Store Stand Out From the Competition by Telling Your Brand Story

What do successful eCommerce brands like Warby Parker, Birchbox, Greats, and Bonobos have in common? Yes, they’re well-known.


They have differentiated from the competition in their niche and built a brand.

Although there are countless other shops that sell glasses, cosmetics, kicks or men’s clothes, those brand names throw a long shadow.

How did they do it? Great brand storytelling. Consistent brand strategy. And you can do it, too.

9 Resources to get you in the mindset of a successful ecommerce entrepreneur

Behind every business, there is at least one dedicated, bold and passionate person. Being a successful ecommerce entrepreneur, fortunately, is something you can learn and master on the go. No exceptional vocal talent or drawing skills required.Knowledge Resources For Success

We at Metrilo think the success of the business depends largely on its owner and that is why we encourage personal development in the areas of leadership, goal-setting and productivity and purposefulness before you dive deep in the resources on growing your business.

This way you can be sure in your own abilities to navigate the undertaking in the direction of success.

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