Viral Passion Agency

Digital Marketing Agency
Revenue from emails+30%
Monitor client accounts inless than 10 min
Time savedA ton

Viral Passion uses Metrilo to run extremely personalized email marketing for its clients

They are now able to monitor client accounts easily and do performance marketing efficiently.


  • As an agency, Viral Passion needed to monitor account performance and stats efficiently.
  • They needed to boost marketing activities for their clients to bring in additional sales and revenue.
  • As result-driven consultants, the team wanted to utilize the available data and act on it to drive sales.


  • Viral Passion uses automated email campaigns based on customer behavior, delivering personalised and well-timed offers with relevant products.
  • The team monitors account performance daily and acts on the findings to fine-tune strategy.
  • The analytics dashboard serves as a quick reference point for overall business health.


  • They are now able to react to various scenarios and tailor the experience to different customer behavior.
  • Revenue coming from email increased by +30% overall.
  • The management of multiple client accounts and the strategic use of data got quicker and far more efficient so VP are able to take on more clients while delivering superior results.

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