How checking the metrics in Metrilo a few times a day keeps Smoovall under control

The niche DTC brand manages to react to any fluctuations in performance fast and efficiently


  • Having an easily accessible overview of the essential metrics of the business
  • Ready reporting on traffic, sales, AOV, etc.
  • A way to compare revenue and trends among the different countries they sell in


  • In Metrilo, there’s “all you want to know” in terms of metrics.
  • Reporting is already setup, “one click and it’s there”, unlike GA that is a hassle.
  • Many breakdowns are available that let the team compare performance by location, channels, new vs old customers, etc.


  • Smoovall is able to adjust ad spend as needed on the spot thanks to the channel performance report.
  • They discovered differences in spending habits among different countries and address them in their campaigns now.
  • They also saw how AOV varies so they are now working on pushing AOV high from the start.

Smoovall needed a ready-to-use analytics tool that shows the right data without complex setup. They were ready to pay for the easiness to “just click and have all metrics ready”, despite free solutions like GA are available - the team doesn’t want to set up the reporting.

So they check the Dashboard a few times a day to track what’s happening in the business. The Marketing Performance shows if ad budgets need adjustment. New vs returning customers and AOV are top metrics they monitor for the health of the process.

With Metrilo, Smoovall discovered their customers from different countries were willing to spend differently on cosmetic products, which prompted a change in strategy in order to get better AOV where needed.

All metrics made creating custom segments to use in Facebook easy. Also, as non-technical entrepreneurs, the guys like the simplicity of the email functionality, a good starting point for small teams as they find it.

“If I wake up and cannot check Metrilo, I’ll be very, very sad,” Reginald Ofori, who runs Smoovall, says, “there’s no other tool like it.”

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