Segafredo Zanetti

Australia & New Zeland
Coffee and espresso machines
Time to set up an email campaign2 mins
Revenue per sent email$7

Segafredo Zanetti uses Metrilo to sort out its customer data and to personalize its communication with customers


  • Both B2C & B2B business on the same site so a lot of data is coming in that needs to be sifted through and used in very different ways.
  • They needed to connect that incoming data to the action tools they use like email.
  • Customer segmentation functionality also needed to explore different groups and engage them differently.


  • Using Metrilo’s detailed on-site analytics, they’re able to drill down visitor behavior and optimize the sales funnel for more conversions.
  • The team sends emails and newsletters from our email platform to activate leads.
  • With the Metrilo CRM, they’re able to do narrow selections of customers by specific behavior and send them well tailored incentives to stimulate repeat orders.


  • The team stays on top of things going through the data daily.
  • Acquisition costs are closely monitored with Metrilo and kept under control.
  • One single reactivation email campaign generated over $700 for a total effort of 2 minutes. This meant $7 for every person who received the email!

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