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How CricksyDog builds long-lasting customer relationships thanks to Metrilo’s data

The CRM enables them to reach out to customers personally while the automated emails drive targeted sales.


  • 1 platform that combines analytics, email marketing and CRM because it’s easier to manage everything from one place.
  • CRM to not just track customers, but keep notes on communications with each one.
  • Ability to filter and target specific people with an email.
  • Marketing channels performance tracking


  • Metrilo puts all data together, “The whole package is very good,” founder Andras Vargyas says.
  • Metrilo’s Customer Database is part of the team’s daily routine of tracking communications with each person and engaging in a relevant way.
  • Customer profiles and order history help drive repeat orders.
  • The team also filters customers easily to create specific segments for targeted email campaigns.


  • The team is able to build meaningful relationships with customers
  • Sending emails to the right people is easy and time-efficient
  • They also measure and compare the results from different email campaigns
  • Tracking all data correctly, Metrilo is like a brain system for the team, aiding decision-making

CricksyDog wanted a single tool to manage their marketing and found Metrilo to tick all the boxes.

The most important feature for them is the CRM that doesn’t just track customers, but also keeps complete profiles and notes on each one. Going through the Customer Database for insights to use in client calls is a daily routine for the team and brings repeat sales.

Another regular marketing activity they do with Metrilo is send email promotions to a selected and well-targeted customer segment. The team finds it easy and fast to filter to get the right people for the campaign, add products and coupons and get extra sales in immediately.

"The whole package is very good," founder Andras Vargyas says and looks forward to using more of Metrilo’s features like the Marketing Performance reporting as he plans on expanding marketing activities.

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