Best Woocommerce Email Marketing Tips

Best WooCommerce email marketing tips [+ case study]

WooCommerce does offer some email functionality, but not enough for a serious brand to stay in business. For good or bad, WooCommerce stores always use a third-party email marketing tool. But how to choose it and how to best use it – it’s often trial and error.WooCommerce

Now, you don’t have to go through that.

In this article, we highlight the most important things you need to be able to do with your WooCommerce email marketing tool, coming from our experience and daily communication with WooCommerce store owners.

Also, one of those owners shares his inspiring success story. He managed to bump up their email marketing conversion rates by 10%! How – he contributed his tactic to our list.

1. Well-designed WooCommerce emails

The first thing your readers notice and judge on is how your emails look. And chances are they’ll quickly decide to delete the message if it doesn’t look professional.

That’s why the design of your emails is as important as their content.

Make your brand stand out

Your brand logo, social buttons, colors and so on give identity and credibility to an email.

Good email tools for WooCommerce like Metrilo allow you to do that in a way that shows off your brand. A drag-and-drop email editor is an industry standard that lets you create any email you envision. If the software has some ready templates you can use – even better.

Be careful: some email plugins out there would want to charge you extra for removing their branding from your emails. You’ve probably seen those “Powered by” labels in emails you receive. The best email marketing tools for WooCommerce do not do that because they know how important brand image is. Your emails, your branding only.

WooCommerce products in newsletters

It’s essential that the email tool can pull product data directly from your WooCommerce site, instead of you manually putting everything in every time. This lets you create any kind of newsletters with WooCommerce product data in a matter of minutes. The best email marketing for WooCommerce is personalized and highly relevant.

Don’t forget to ask for: dynamic blocks that personalize each email for the individual customers such as showing them the products they abandoned in their cart. Your WooCommerce abandoned cart emails will convert better if they show the specific products each customer was interested in.

2. Use customer data and behavior to tailor your WooCommerce email marketing

If your tool integrates email and ecommerce CRM like Metrilo does, you can use the data from the CRM to send highly converting emails.

Their behavior will show you what they’re looking for and tailor your WooCommerce email newsletters accordingly – this is maximum personalization.

A few examples of specific customer actions that you can respond to with relevant offers:

  • if they visit certain pages only – send them only products from these categories
  • if they consume content – engage them with more of it regularly instead of pushing promotions
  • if they only buy on sale/ new products – don’t bother to change their shopping habits, your best chances are to just give them more of what they like in your WooCommerce product newsletter
  • if they use coupons/ never use coupons – stick to their preference and don’t push price cuts where they’re not needed

3. Segment customers to personalize experience

Thanks to the CRM data you have, you can further segment your Woo store customers into completely separate flows and differentiate their experience.

Especially if your woocommerce marketing tool works with past or historical data, the opportunities for extra sales are endless.

You’ll have a huge amount of info to work with – for example, Metrilo gives you instant access to past orders, old clients’ contacts, historical overview of product buys and so on.

This way one group with specific behavior will have a totally different experience than another’s! For each segment, your email marketing can vary in messaging, frequency, offers, and even tone.

Some examples of customer segments are:

  • high-value customers
  • people who visit your site a lot, but don’t buy
  • customers from a specific city/ country
  • customers who order a specific product regularly
  • frequent buyers
  • new customers
  • idle customers
  • cart abandoners
  • shoppers of new collections

One group will get special offers while another will enjoy location-specific promotions. A third will get reorder discount for its favorite product but the fourth will receive new product alerts.

They’ll see and appreciate that you’re not blindly showering them with generic promotions, but instead taking into account their actions and reactions.

4. Marketing automation for WooCommerce

How often it’s ok to send emails is a common question by WooCommerce store owners.

The answer is that event-triggered emails are best because they make sense and people understand why they get them. When unwanted, email communication is less converting and often marked as spam.

So, what are event-triggered emails? It’s when a customer/ user does something and you have an email automation in place to respond to this action with a relevant message.

WooCommerce automated emails can be triggered at actions such as:

Because the emails they get will always be related to what they view, interact with and buy on your site, users will always feel like you’re doing personal marketing to them.

This also gets them into the habit of opening your emails because they’ll learn your emails are relevant and useful. So in the long term, well-timed emails perform better.

5. Hey, there are people on the other side, talk to them

What we mean is your WooCommerce email marketing should not be impersonal and detached. It’s not just a receipt with a strict format.

It’s more than that. An opportunity to communicate with your customers.

In your WooCommerce newsletter, you can share your values and ask for their opinion; you can inform and entertain; you can be in constant exchange of ideas. Don’t send the next generic email that will only annoy them and do no good.

The best email marketing for WooCommerce is a safe, private space where it’s just you and your reader. No intermediary – like Facebook or Google – decides when and to whom to show your emails.

You can reach any customer and you have the space to tell them anything you want. So use it well. 🙂

And now, to illustrate how a WooCommerce email tool helps stores grow, here’s the experience of AMR Hair and Beauty.

One WooCommerce email marketing success story

AMR Hair and Beauty sell professional cosmetics and salon supplies online across Australia. AMR

They use Metrilo daily to keep track of customer analytics, weekly to compare conversion rates and to evaluate trends and changes on their site over the long run.

But their greatest wow moment came with Metrilo’s WooCommerce automated emails. Before they had Metrilo, they’d spend hours trying to track down cart abandoners manually.

With Metrilo’s automated abandoned cart emails, they were able to recover a large number of customers who’d have been lost otherwise. This moved the needle in sales significantly:

“With this automated campaign, we have been able to achieve an increase in sales and a 10+% conversion rate for these customers.”

All they had to use is Metrilo’s marketing automation for WooCommerce (“abandonеd cart” is a ready trigger to use, no additional setup work needed) and the email builder to trigger emails on a certain event. Once you set such a campaign, it starts working for you in the background and you only get to enjoy the recovered sales.

The team admits that a big plus for them is Metrilo’s tracking of email campaigns and customer behavior.

”It makes it easy to see what campaigns are performing and which ones need working on.”

You too can boost the results of your email marketing. Metrilo has a 14-day trial so you can test ALL features and make some extra sales for FREE.


Why you should also trust Metrilo for your WooCommerce email marketing

  • Works with historical data
  • Integrated with Metrilo CRM
  • Automatic email capture
  • Integration with lead generation forms
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Customer filtering and segmentation based on behavior and demographics
  • Automatically pulls product details/ abandoned products to include in emails
  • Sales attribution to emails
  • WooCommerce newsletters, upsell, cross sell, reorder, abandoned cart/ browse emails, feedback gathering, one-on-one emails possible
  • Easy-to-use composer
  • Your branding on emails only
  • Design elements available
  • Easy setup and scheduling of automated flows
  • Unlimited number of automated campaigns running

Metrilo is the best WooCommerce newsletter plugin – try it free and see for yourself!


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