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Imagine how much better your conversion rates would be if you could automatically build a sales pitch for each customer. Metrilo starts building detailed Customer Profiles from the customer’s very first touch with your online store and accumulates all their actions. You can even import your historical customer data for a richer view.

How does it work

Metrilo starts tracking visitors as soon as they engage on your website. When they register or make an order, all info and actions are put together in their customer profile. All they do on your site will be accumulated there session by session.

Build detailed customer profiles that help you sell

The better you know someone, the easier it is to sell to them. For each of your customers, Metrilo’s Magento CRM builds a detailed view of their actions on your site, their contact details, order history, product interaction and revenue, and even device used. With this rich data view, you can engage each customer with the highest converting marketing there is - truly individual upsell and resale emails.

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Create customer segments based on buying behavior

All the actions and stats Metrilo tracks form the basis for our rich segmentation. With over 30 filters and filter combinations, you can cleverly generate marketing opportunities. For example, with just a few clicks, you can reach your high spenders that haven’t been active in the past month and craft a highly converting email that sells to them again.

Crm filter

You can save customer segments to engage with regularly, like cart abandoners or frequent buyers. We don’t use static segments, so every time you load a segment, you’ll get the current set of people who match the buying criteria. You can use these segments either for remarketing (CSV download available) or just send them an email right from the Metrilo platform.

Crm segments

See what our awesome clients say about us…

We've just integrated another e-commerce using 5-minutes process. Amazing support. Great product.

23 December 2016
2gv4fu q normal
Érico Scorpioni @ericoscorpioni

Great tool and super easy to integrate. Tried some of Metrilo competition, and this was the only with absolutely none conflict.

05 December 2016
Kcxruy16 normal @AirlineShoe

clear metrics for ecommerce CRM and marketing automation to sale online

08 December 2016
Cara jlmontesino red normal
Jose Luis Montesino @jlmontesino

Super impressed with ! Setup was silly easy, captured years of data from previous platform, and the tool itself is remarkable.

23 December 2016
 w2m71ba normal
Zach Bunn @zachbunn

Metrilo works out of the box

Sick of complicated integrations? Metrilo needs no coding or set-up of reports - it's ready to use. It syncs with your historical data so you see insights immediately. 10 minutes after starting your trial, you can be selling.


Event-based tracking

Track customer actions, not just pageviews.

Complete customer profiles

All your customer data in one place.

Add your own tags and notes

Searchable and flexible for max effectiveness.

Multichannel tracking

Identify acquisition source for each session.

Instant order status sync

Immediately updates status and recalculates revenue.

Customer segments

Easily save & reach out to specific segments.

Live View

Real-life monitoring of your website visitors.

One-on-one emails

Send individual emails based on the profiles.

Behavior insights

Learn from customers’ interaction with products.

Quote louis yumi

“Before Metrilo, I didn’t know how many loyal customers I have. Now I can even see who those are.”

Louis de Bentzmann, Owner of Yumi

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Install Metrilo plugin

Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required. Book a demo anytime.

Quick 5-minute integration with our official extension

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