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Analytics for brands looking to scale by having a deep understanding of their customers

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Complete customer database

Metrilo puts everything about your customers in one place so relationship management, customer service and tailored marketing get streamlined and effective.

From first visit to their latest order and feedback, Metrilo tracks everything your customers do on your website automatically to give you a real-time picture of the buying process. Events tracked that you can turn into brilliant marketing reactions include:

  • Browsed products
  • Abandoned carts and produtcs
  • Time between orders
  • Interaction with emails
  • Revenue thresholds reached and more
"I never thought about my existing customers so much before"
An eCommerce founder on Capterra

Meet the people behind the orders thanks to individual customer profiles

Get to know every customer in an instant. Their behavior, orders, money spent, products bought and other individual details are accessible in dedicated customer profiles. You can tag, put in a segment and even add notes to every profile.

This way, you can observe shopping habits, monitor the customer journey and communicate on a personal level.

Unlock growth opportunities in your data

Тry all features free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Customer segments analysis

Within the customer database, you can filter by characteristics and metrics to get smaller customer segments for more targeted campaigns.

Also, you can create your perfect target groups and use them as lookalike audiences for ads. All because Metrilo makes data usable.

"Easy segmentation and visual overview of your customers"
An eCommerce founder on G2Crowd

Discover problems in the customer journey

Metrilo’s Retention Analysis is an all-time monitoring of customer loyalty, measuring retention rate and CLTV since the first order ever.

Monitor the customer lifecycle

Metrilo automatically creates relevant customer cohorts so you can easily compare their behavior over time.

Each cohort’s lifecycle is also visualized to show clearly how often people buy, at what times they are ready to place a new order and so on.

CricksyDog builds customer relationships on Metrilo data

Business: DTC dog food

Uses Metrilo mainly for: Customer insights

Everyday the CricksyDog team goes through the Customer Database for insights to use in their calls with customers. Order history, session records and notes help them communicate relevantly and drive repeat orders. This process enables the dog food company to stay close to customers and earn their trust, bonding over a mutual care for dogs.

5-minute integration. Official plugins for
"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business because I want to act fast. It is plug and play and gives me the data right away."
– Moiz Ali, Founder & CEO of Native (now part of P&G)