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How to grow with long-lasting customer relationships

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Retention analysis for greater customer loyalty

With Metrilo’s powerful retention analysis, you are able to understand your customers’ lifecycle and keep the relationships going proactively. You will know what campaigns and products stimulate customer loyalty so you can sell more to old customers.

"Best tool for cohort analysis to increase your repurchase rate"
An eCommerce founder on G2Crowd

Segmentations and emails for personalized communication

30+ filters in Metrilo help you segment, slice and analyze your customer base by behavior and characteristics. Filters are ready to work, no preset needed. Then, you can outreach to the different segments you’ve created with tailored email campaigns and offers right from Metrilo without exporting email list to other tools.

Create tailored personal experience and gain long-term loyalty

Тry all features free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Email automation for engagement at scale

It’s important to keep that tailored customer experience going as your brand grows. Metrilo’s email automation triggered at customer actions and thresholds allows you to stay relevant, engage in a meaningful way and react timely to your customer's needs.

"The best part about Metrilo definitely has to be the segmentation options for automated emailing"
An eCommerce founder on Capterra

Automatically send the following emails

  • Abandoned cart emails Recover abandoned carts on autopilot. Emails can easily include the abandoned products from the customers cart
  • Cross-sell and up-sell Product correlations and timing rules let you create tailored campaigns to offer relevant products to different customers.
  • Welcome series Make every newly registered user a part fo your community and nurture them effectively.
  • Content drip campaigns Keep up the relationship going with engaging and valuable content until customers are ready to buy again.
  • Promos and coupons Tailor the offers based on customer behavior and track the results automatically in Metrilo.
  • Replenishment emails Stimulate repeat orders with timely reminders based on customer purchasing habits

Customer feedback on autopilot

For your brand to grow, you need feedback to make your product even better. Metrilo automates feedback gathering so you can speed up iterations, resolve issues and communicate with devoted customers easily.

Create tailored personal experience and gain long-term loyalty

Тry all features free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Recover lost sales

Metrilo tracks what’s going on your site in real time so your marketing people can catch customers about to slip away and convert them. Also, it takes one click to reach out to people with canceled orders and get them back.

WOWTea turns seasonality into loyalty with Metrilo emails

Business: tea

Uses Metrilo mainly for: Email marketing

WOWTea was suffering big seasonal drops in sales before they started using Metrilo. With all customer behavior in one place, the team was able to come up with different offers to engage different customer segments. These personalized emails doubled the customer retention rate, resulting in 43% more revenue!

5-minute integration. Official plugins for
"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business because I want to act fast. It is plug and play and gives me the data right away."
– Moiz Ali, Founder & CEO of Native (now part of P&G)