Sofia, Bulgaria
Detox tea
Increase in Retention Rate+100%
Revenue increased byx2
Time needed for turnaround6 months

See what Emil from WOWtea says about Metrilo

WOW Tea doubled their revenue in 6 months with Metrilo.

They turned around retention rate thanks to customer behavior segmentation and personalized emails.


  • Acquisition brought in mainly one-time buyers because the product is trendy.
  • There was a big summer drop in sales and the company knew they had to fight seasonality.
  • Being unable to make customers come back and buy again, they were losing a lot of money.
  • Sales data was everywhere and it was hard to take concrete actions.


  • WowTea discovered Metrilo, which put all their sales and customer data together in one place.
  • They looked into customer behavior and came up with different offers to engage different customer segments.
  • Then, they started sending personalized emails to people in order to get them back.
  • Now, WowTea uses customer segmentation by behavior for every marketing campaign.


  • The team was surprised how many customers came back after a single win-back email sent.
  • Customer experience improved as people feel special thanks to the personal touch in the emails.
  • In 6 months, WowTea doubled their customer retention rate.
  • This, of course, led to doubling their revenue.

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