The only way to make your WooCommerce analytics work for you without painful integrations

Our WooCommerce analytics turns customer behavior and sales data into ecommerce performance insights, driving sales with our functional CRM and personalized emails

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Actionable WooCommerce analytics that drive sales

Your WooCommerce sales data and customer behavior is spread all over the place. With Metrilo, all those are in one place. Ready reports and analyses give you all the insights to sell more.


Metrilo helps you sell more intelligently by having all analytics data in one place


Somebody visits and engages with your website anonymously


After browsing around, they register or place an order


Metrilo merges all customer data into a fully featured profile


Get to know your customers with a powerful CRM for WooCommerce

Having trouble sending relevant offers? Metrilo builds complete customer profiles and shows you their behavior. You will be able to easily tailor your promotions for those people and make more sales

Send emails that actually convert

An email tool that simply works with WooCommerce is hard to find. Installing Metrilo, you get connected email and CRM so you can start highly personalized emails right away. Our emails conver better and help you sell more.



Event-based tracking

Track customer actions, not just pageviews.

Complete customer profiles

All your customer data in one place.

Multichannel tracking

Identify acquisition source for each session.

Add your own tags and notes

Searchable and flexible for max effectiveness.

Customer segments

Easily save & reach out to specific segments.

Behavior insights

Learn from customers’ interaction with products.

Friendly email composer

Quickly create rich and attractive emails.

Email Campaigns ROI

Track and measure campaign performance.

Instant order status sync

Immediately updates status and recalculates revenue.


“You don't need to hire an overpaid MBA to analyze your eCommerce. Metrilo makes sense of your data and enables you to act on it.”

Saptarshi Nath, Managing Director at Overcart

Make your eCommerce data work for your business

Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required.

Quick 5-minute integration with our official plugin