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Boost your Magento store's email conversion , basket completions and get more upsell and sales with powerful personalized emails

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Easily get back lost sales

Make sure people complete your sales funnel. Metrilo's ecommerce segmentation makes sure you can reconnect with all your customers and bring them back to complete their purchase. Metrilo fights abandoned carts, failing payments and cancelled orders and helps you sell.

Understand how to use customer profiles to create perfect email promotions

Metrilo can personalized your Magento store, helping you understand how each customer acts and then sends individual, personalized offers to them, based on their historical actions. Metrilo tells you which of your Magento store's products interest them, the length of their decision making process and what they care about. Then we help you make them a perfect, individualized upsell or buying offer

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How Metrilo’s ecommerce personalization works

Metrilo makes the most of your Magento data. Since all actions on your site are automatically tracked, we have 30+ (and counting) different filters available to segment your customers by. You can then save segments that are always up-to-date with people who match the criteria so you stay on top of your marketing game.

Action-based filters

  • Action performed ?
  • Action not performed ?
  • Product interactions ?
  • Product categories ?
  • Cart abandoners ?
  • Email campaigns ?
  • Coupon used ?

Customer-based filters

  • Revenue ?
  • Orders ?
  • Last order ?
  • Last active ?
  • Sessions ?
  • Location ?
  • Tags ?


Your logo

Your emails have only your branding, no-one else’s.

Format your text with no coding

Familiar text editor so it looks just as you want it.

Feature products

Insert product offers with picture, name and price pulled automatically.

Great cover image

Upload your own creatives anywhere in the email for maximum brand awareness.

Promo codes

Just type in and voila! It’s that simple.

CTA buttons

No coding needed, just a catchy call and a link.

Skyrocket sales by tracking your email campaigns better

Measure your email campaigns in Magento better with Metrilo and you can learn how to send better converting emails to your customers. Metrilo automatically analyses your campaigns and gives you KPIs - open rate, click rate, conversion rate and sales. Metrilo does this by analysing how each buyer reacts to your sales emails - measuring opens, clicks, conversions or unsubscribes.

Trends group


Cart abandonment emails

Get your customers back in a few clicks.

Customer segments

Target different groups with relevant emails.

Email performance

Measure the results of your campaigns.

Friendly email composer

Quickly create rich and attractive emails.

Your branding only

No email provider appears on your emails.

List clean-up

Always up-to-date for lower bounce rates.

Custom domain

You can easily set up your own domain.

Smart sender

Protects you from emailing too frequently.


Fully automated email marketing

Quote nikos

“I can now easily segment my audience and reach different people with personalized messages. That's the personalization I wanted.”

Nikos Louvaris, Ecommerce Consultant

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Install Metrilo plugin

Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required. Book a demo anytime.

Quick 5-minute integration with our official extension

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