The only way to make your Magento analytics work for you without painful integrations

Our Magento analytics turns customer behavior and sales data into ecommerce performance insights, driving sales with our functional CRM and personalized emails

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Make profitable decisions with Magento analytics

Lots of data and little time for analysis make it easy to miss out on profitable sales opportunities. Metrilo turns your eCommerce data from useless to useful. The Metrilo reports show you where and when to take action and help you sell more.

Drive repeat sales with a deeper understanding of your customers

Driving repeat sales is hard. Metrilo's Magento analytics builds complete customer behavior logs that help you understand their buying decisions. Then you can turn them in happy customers by tailoring their shopping experience and giving them the most relevant offers. Happy customers come back more and spend more.

Personalize your emails for more conversions

Mass emails suck. Your customers hate them so they convert badly. With Metrilo's 30+ smart email filters, you can segment your email list and target specific groups with extremely relevant messages. Personalized emails convert better.


  • Event-based tracking Track customer actions, not just pageviews
  • Complete customer profiles All your customer data in one place
  • Add your own tags and notes Searchable and flexible for max effectiveness
  • Multichannel tracking Identify acquisition source for each session
  • Instant order status sync Immediately updates status and recalculates revenue
  • Customer segments Easily save & reach out to specific segments
  • Live View Real-life monitoring of your website visitors
  • One-on-one emails Send individual emails based on the profiles
  • Behavior insights Learn from customers’ interaction with products
"I love the clarity of information, it's a breath of fresh air in the analytics world."
– Spencer Walden, Owner of Chocolab

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Install Metrilo plugin Free 14-day unlimited trial. No credit card required. Book a demo anytime.
5 min Integration for stores running on
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