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Metrilo integrates with Shopify seamlessly in just 5 minutes so your sales won't suffer from software breakups

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Reclaim abandoned carts

Make every sale. Metrilo's ecommerce segmentation, connection to your sales data and optimized emails give you the best chance to bring back customers and complete sales. Metrilo fights abandoned carts, failed payments and cancelled orders - helping you to make the sale.

Optimize your email promotions

Metrilo helps you understand each customer and send personalized and optimized sales emails to them. It helps you pick the items they are most likely to buy and understand when they are ready to make a new purchase. Upsell or reactivation emails take just a few seconds to setup.

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How Metrilo’s ecommerce personalization works

Metrilo makes the most of your Shopify data. Since all actions on your site are automatically tracked, we have 30+ (and counting) different filters available to segment your customers by. You can then save segments that are always up-to-date with people who match the criteria so you stay on top of your marketing game.

Action-based filters

Action performed What the customer did, such as add to cart, view product, etc.
Action not performed Filter people did not do something: add to cart, view product, etc.
Product interactions Target people who interacted with a specific set of products.
Product categories Target people buying from a specific product category
Cart abandoners Pre-defined rules that lets you pick your cart abandoners any time
Email campaigns Target people based on their previous interactions with your emails
Coupon used If you want to target a group of people who used a specific coupon

Customer-based filters

Revenue Filter people by the revenue they have generated: less than, more than and equal.
Orders Filter people by how many orders they have: less than, more than and equal.
Last order Target people based on when they last purchased from your store
Last active Target people based on when they last entered your website
Sessions Target people based on their engagement with your website
Location Target people based on their location
Tags Got your own way of segmenting people? You can use your own tags for segmentation

Powerful Email Marketing Automation

With Metrilo, the right message will always reach the right people at the right time. With over 20 different customer actions and trigger events, your emails will always be relevant and personal.

Send welcome emails on registering and thank you after first order, win back idle customers, cross-sell and upsell with meaningful offers, recover abandoned carts and gather customer feedback – all 24/7, all making you money while you deal with other tasks.

Automated cart abandonment with dynamic content

Abandoned products are dynamically displayed in our cart recovery emails so every customer gets a personalized email that facilitates their purchase. You don’t have to set up any complicated rules, match pricing or polish product images. Metrilo automatically pulls the products from your customers’ carts with the necessary details to make people go back and order.

Build beautiful emails that convert better

Metrilo's email builder will let you tailor the best emails ever. You can include coupons, images and even pull products directly from your site.

Your logo Your emails have only your branding, no-one else’s.
Social profiles Make following you on social easier - an added benefit from the email.
Great cover image Upload your own creatives anywhere in the email for maximum brand awareness.
Format your text with no coding Familiar text editor so it looks just as you want it.
Promo codes Just type in and voila! It’s that simple.
Feature products Insert product offers with picture, name and price pulled automatically.
CTA buttons No coding needed, just a catchy call and a link.

Custom HTML Templates

If you buy ready HTML templates or you can make them yourself, upload them to Metrilo, edit and fire away. Also, you can host all images directly in Metrilo. This way, your emails will perfectly fit your brand and can even be designed for each customer segment. As always, no other branding on there but yours.

Use ecommerce data to improve your email campaigns

To help you create better converting emails, Metrilo measures your email campaigns against key KPIs. Metrilo analyses each customer’s interactions with your sales emails - measuring opens, clicks, conversions, unsubscribes or sales. This way, you can optimize your emails based on what works.


  • Cart abandonment emails Get your customers back in a few clicks
  • Customer segments Target different groups with relevant emails
  • Email performance Measure the results of your campaigns
  • Friendly email composer Quickly create rich and attractive emails
  • Your branding only No email provider appears on your emails
  • List clean-up Always up-to-date for lower bounce rates.
  • Custom domain You can easily set up your own domain
  • Smart sender Protects you from emailing too frequently
  • Automation Fully automated email marketing

Install Metrilo for 1 month for free and get more email conversions.

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"I can now easily segment my audience and reach different people with personalized messages. That's the personalization I wanted."
– Nikos Louvaris, Ecommerce Consultant
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