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Metrilo automatically tracks behavior to create personal customer profiles and unlock more sales

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How does Metrilo work?

Metrilo tracks customers from their very first visit on your website. When customers register or buy, all their tracked behavior is collected in a complete profile. Every action they take afterwards will be added there, session by session and you can use tags to mark specific behaviors.

Complete customer database

You will have your customers’ full journey on your site - actions taken in each session, product interactions, order history, lifetime spend, contact details. As a CRM made especially for ecommerce, Metrilo’s customer database makes all data easily accessible and usable.

"Easy segmentation and visual overview of your customers"
An eCommerce founder on G2Crowd

For truly customer-centric brands

If your brand is in for the long run, you have to take good care of your customers. Metrilo customer database gives you individual metrics for each buyer so you learn about their shopping habits, price range, and preferred channels. This way, you are able to communicate effectively and build a mutually beneficial connection.

Segmentation by behavior and traits

With Metrilo, you can use the actions that people take on your site to create segments for marketing. With over 30 filters and filter combinations that work right out of the box, sales opportunities are at your fingertips. For example, you can easily segment your most loyal returning customers who have not bought in the last month, and build a compelling sales offer just for them.

Money-making customer segments

Metrilo lets you filter your database by all characteristics and behaviors tracked to get relevant segments for retargeting and email engagement. Idle high spenders, most frequent buyers, cart abandoners, and holiday shoppers are among the best converting segments when properly engaged.

Improve the customer experience with feedback

The Customer Feedback feature gathers any qualitative feedback people provide and measures satisfaction levels. On top of that, the feedback is associated with the product they bought so you know what gets you happy customers.

Customer retention: a deeper level of customer understanding

Metrilo’s Retention Analysis is the next level in customer analytics. It is a breakdown by cohort (based on time of first purchase, first product bought, coupon or campaign) that tracks how the cohort behaves over time and if people return to shop again - when, how often and for how much. This analysis helps you better time your email reminders and increase AOV across cohorts.

Email marketing backed with data

No need to tell you the blanket approach in email doesn’t work anymore. Metrilo gives you insights for fine-tuning your communication, timing and offers. When customers receive emails with relevant products, at a time they are ready to shop again, they are much more positive towards your brand. And the best part? You can do all that with Metrilo, no exporting of contact lists, just filter and email - that’s what makes it the best ecommerce CRM.

"Metrilo is the only data tool I use to grow my business because I want to act fast. It is plug and play and gives me the data right away."
– Moiz Ali, Founder & CEO of Native (now part of P&G)