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Picky Customer Goes Online Shopping for Lightsaber [No, it’s not what you think]

Disclaimer: We are huge Star Wars fans and picked the product because we wanted an excuse to research lightsaber prices at work.
Let us tell you a story about the evil cart abandonment phenomenon in eCommerce.

This is Avery. Joe Avery. Comes from Average. Customer #007007.

Avery wants a lightsaber. A green one.

shopping cart abandonment


3 Cool Tips to Improve Your Checkout Design

Your checkout web design is part of UX. And UX stands for user experience – the discipline that explores how to achieve both business and customer goals in the most balanced way possible. Here are a few bold new ideas on how to do that.

Checkout Design TipsThe goal of all UX experiments is to maximize your metrics and KPIs such as your conversion rate. This can be done by making it easier for the client to place an order, minimizing the number of clicks they have to make to achieve their goal and showing the right stuff on the right places in your website to make them convert. In this article, you will learn what is a good user experience.

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