Shopping Cart Abandonment

Picky Customer Goes Online Shopping for Lightsaber [No, it’s not what you think]

Disclaimer: We are huge Star Wars fans and picked the product because we wanted an excuse to research lightsaber prices at work.
Let us tell you a story about the evil cart abandonment phenomenon in eCommerce.

This is Avery. Joe Avery. Comes from Average. Customer #007007.

Avery wants a lightsaber. A green one.

shopping cart abandonment


The Ultimate 13 Tactics to Increase Average Order Value

Ecommerce business owners, admit it – who doesn’t want more revenue coming in? Many people believe more traffic means more revenue, but it’s not always the case – sometimes traffic is more expensive and not as cost-effective. Luckily, there are other ways to boost revenue: you can increase average order value and/or conversion rate.

How to Get $4 Trillion Back: Cart Abandonment Infographic

A shocking 68% of carts get abandoned on online stores. The result is $4 trillion of lost revenue.

The top reason for cart abandonment (57%) is shipping costs. It’s plain simple – free delivery is the norm. Period. And there are even those 19% of the people interviewed who didn’t have the patience to wait for delivery and bought offline!

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