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Pop-up apps for Shopify stores

Email marketing is a crucial part of any online store’s strategy. But to get there, you need an email list.

The best way to build your email list is to capture leads on your site. This way, people know they subscribed for your updates/ newsletter/ offers and interact better with your emails.

The trick is to do the whole thing elegantly – use high-quality tools that work well with your shop and give you control over the customer experience. You don’t want to annoy your subscribers-to-be. (Take inspiration from these newsletter signup examples.)

That’s why we gathered the best pop-up providers for Shopify stores. Enjoy!


Drag-and-drop editor of the forms

Pop-ups, bars, spin to win, flyouts, banners, embedded forms, landing pages, tabs, thank you pages

Specific settings available: timing, scroll percentage, exit intent, device, referral source, etc.

Split tests available

Syncs to your platform, CRM, and email tool.

Here’s how to integrate Privy with Metrilo.


Free trial/ plan: yes/ yes

Pricing: from $24



Pop-ups can be set up to appear at a click, after a certain time and at exit.

Full-page overlays, slide-in boxes and sticky bars available

Drag-and-drop design and full color and text customization

Templates available

Mobile-friendly designs

A/B testing

Target by traffic source – FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Integrates with email providers


Free trial/ plan: yes/ yes

Pricing: from $29


Drag-and-drop builder

Lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins, full page overlays, etc. available

Exit intent, location, site interaction segmentation of visitors possible

A/B testing

Performance analysis

2-step optin technology

Mobile-specific popups

Animated effects

Optinmonster Pop Up

Free trial/ plan: yes/ no

Pricing: from $19


Machine learning features

Interactive templates

Free designed templates

Customized designs to personalize any campaign

One-stop solution for marketing leads

Other features like еmail collections, lead generation, content promotion and more

Free trial/ plan: yes/ yes

Pricing: from $29


Drag-and-drop template library


Custom images, videos, gifs, typography in popups allowed

Various custom effect like blocking access to page below

Smart visitor targeting by number of visits, etc.

Central dashboard

Track performance

A/B testing

Integrations with major email providers

Screenpopper Signup Form

Free trial/ plan: yes/ no

Pricing: from $29.95



Fully customizable

Popups, time-limited offers, backward clock, review bars, etc.

Animated effects

An automated email is sent to every new lead for engagement

Exports emails to 300+ services

Groovejar Time Limited Offer

Free trial/ plan: yes/ no

Pricing: from $39



Exit intent, sticky notification bars

Templates to use

Targeting options &Dynamic text replacement

Returning visitor recognition

Performance analytics

A/B testing

Works with all major email tools

Optimonk Free Resource Lead Capture

Free trial/ plan: yes/ yes

Pricing: from $29


Pop-up Window

Customizable pop-up delay, text

SEO- and mobile-friendly

Works with major email tools

Pop Up Window

Free trial/ plan: yes/ no

Pricing: from $5.95



Gamified pop-up (wheel spin)

Exit, time and tab triggers

Custom colors, texts, placement

“Wiggle” effect

Integrates with major email tools

Email validation and segmentation


Free trial/ plan: yes/ no

Pricing: from $14.92


Pop Ups & Conversion Marketing Platform by Justuno

email popups, banners, bars and slide-ins, contests, forms

Mobile-optimized and SEO-friendly

Lots of segmentation and targeting options

Drag-and-drop design

Works with Shopify coupons

Email autoresponses to new leads

Analytics dashboard

A/B testing

100+ integrations

Justino timer


Free trial/ plan: yes/ yes

Pricing: $19


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