Influencer Marketing Performance Reporting

New feature: Marketing Performance reporting

We know consumer product brands rely heavily on influencers to reach their target audience. It makes perfect sense with highly niche products to target specific communities and interests.

Because we want you, entrepreneurs, to succeed, we help you grow your brands in a sustainable and profitable way. We build Metrilo as the tool that gives you all data and answers to make strategic decisions.

As influencer marketing is one of the most used marketing activities, we included reporting on it in Metrilo so you can now easily monitor its effectiveness on traffic and sales.

To scale fast, one of the hardest decisions is where to invest your marketing budget. Now, you are able to see the returns of each and every influencer and campaign so you can optimize timely.

What’s more, our new Marketing Performance feature includes other revenue breakdowns by channel:

  • Social networks
  • Referrals
  • Source/ Medium

This enables you to compare the returns from different channels, types of campaigns, sources, referring sites, paid vs organic traffic and so on.

Overview 1

Some of the entrepreneurs in our focus group use the Marketing Performance tab for monitoring daily sales goals since Metrilo reports real-time and revenue is more accurate because it doesn’t count cancelled or failed orders.

On the tech side

Metrilo tracks all traffic sources and reads the UTM parameters in your links. You don’t need to set up anything to see them in the marketing performance report.

manage influencer campaigns

If you want to create a specific campaign to track, you can do so with the “Manage campaigns” button (top right corner). It allows you to name the campaign (for example, “holiday sale”), generate a unique tracking link for it and even associate a coupon (or a list of coupons) to monitor as part of it.

This means you can track the performance of a campaign with individual coupons as a one whole thing.

More about tracking influencer campaigns

Didn’t Metrilo have a similar feature before?

Yes, we had the Traffic tab, but we completely rebuilt it and turned into the Marketing Performance tab to better report on what is important to brand owners and discard the unnecessary information. We now know better that traffic is not a goal in itself, but results and revenue are.

The new reporting makes it easier to compare the performance of different channels and enables Influencer Marketing, which is essential for DTC brands.

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