Metrilo’s official Shopify App is now live and integrates like magic

We want to help more Shopify businesses achieve data-driven growth.

That’s why Metrilo solves the complexity of data analysis, email marketing, and eCommerce reporting.

In the same time, we didn’t want to make entrepreneurs who love Shopify for its simplicity and friendliness to spend time on dull integrations instead of focusing on their brand and products.

So we committed to making a magically easy integration with Shopify.

The product team had a strict goal – installing Metrilo on Shopify store must happen in less than 30 seconds for any store setup, with any customization.

Now, we’re happy to say that after 4 months of dedicated coding and weeks of heavy testing, we have achieved that goal

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6 key advantages of our App for Shopify

1. The magic: 1-click integration with Shopify

The best part is that Metrilo starts working as soon as you click the “GET” button on the App Store.

Magic HatMagic Trick 1:

It automatically creates you an account with your Shopify credentials – name, email and store name for your project in Metrilo.

Magic Stick Magic Trick 2:

Then, it – still automatically – starts importing your historical data for past customers, orders and product stats. This way, you’ll start seeing the reports being populated right away. Also, any live visitor activity on your site from this moment on gets tracked and processed.

Magic RabbitMagic Trick 3:

This data is enough to start making extra sales – you can send email campaigns to your high spending or idle customers, create great product bundle or rearrange your products for optimal on-site conversions.

In case you doubt it’s so easy, here’s a short video of the whole integration process:


2. Customer profiles and visitor tracking

Shopify’s checkout is made in such a way that cannot be tracked (for security reasons). So identifying anonymous visitors is the biggest challenge.

What we did is track the cart from the moment an anonymous buyer puts something in it and, when it’s paid for, this token from the back end identifies the user and merges the sessions so you get a complete customer profile with their actions and orders.

What does it mean to you?

-> We manage to track each of your website visitors’ behavior session by session;

-> attribute accurately all the acquisition channels they come from;

-> and automatically compile customer profiles with actions.

3. All events from customer actions taken on your site get reported

This includes:

–          pageview

–          view_article

–          search

–          view category

–          view product

–          add_to_cart

–          view_cart

–          remove_from_cart

–          checkout_start

–          order

Thanks to this event tracking, you’ll be able to do precise customer segmentation and email automation.

4. It works on all Shopify themes and setups

One challenge of the platform is that there so many themes and customizations possible.

We used the official Shopify theme API to make sure the integration works with all of them so any store, with any individual settings, will be able to get the maximum of our platform.

5. It catches all ways for updating a cart

Another challenge were the numerous options for updating a shopping cart that need to be captured and accounted for in the reporting.

No worries, thanks to our back- and front-end integration, we monitor the cart regardless of edits.

6. It’s completely safe

Using the official Shopify API, we followed their security framework and in result the integration is completely safe. It won’t harm, slow down or crash your site in any way.


What do you get the first 5 minutes of integrating your Shopify store with Metrilo?

–          Customer profiles with orders

–          Customer retention report

–          Product performance stats

–          Product correlations – related products, frequently bought together, etc.

–          pre-set conversion funnels start tracking

–          the customer segmentation and email features are ready to use

Can you imagine an analytics platform that doesn’t need you to build reports or set up events to track?

A platform that starts showing you numbers the moment you connect your store to it?

A platform that lets you use the data you see on the spot and reach out to your customers in the first 5 minutes?

Metrilo’s Shopify integration gives you your data back so you know what’s happening on your store, who’s doing it and how you can drive more sales.

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About the author

Murry is co-founder and CEO of Metrilo. Helps the brands of tomorrow grow.

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