Metrilo Customer Feedback Score

New feature release: Metrilo Customer Feedback Score

We’re so damn happy to give all our users a completely new feature that directly helps improve the shopping experience, retain customers and convert more.

The Metrilo Customer Feedback Score for online stores measures how satisfied customers are with the shopping experience you provide. It helps you identify issues and address customer needs. This way, you improve your conversion rates and increase customer loyalty.

We wanted it to be something that gathers this feedback for you 24/7, so we made it an easy-to-use feedback form.

How it works

It’s the question, “How likely are you to recommend our store to a friend or a colleague?” in a pre-set block with a 0-10 scale.

You can add this block to your emails or use the readily set automation campaign called “Customer feedback campaign” we’ve created for you. (By default, the trigger is “places and order” so the feedback form is sent after each purchase, but you can change that to any of the other trigger events.)

When customers get the message, all they have to do is click on a number on the scale. This automatically opens a text box with a prompt to explain why they picked this number. This way, you get context for the score in the customer’s own words.

All this data goes into a dashboard in the new Customer Feedback tab where you can see what each respondent said (and their last order) along with the calculated score out of all responses.

There, you can see how opinions are distributed – how many happy, unhappy and neutral customers you have. The overall Customer Feedback Score will reflect that inclination:

0 – 1 abysmal

1 – 2 terrible

2 – 3 poor

3 – 4 mediocre

4 – 5 average

5 – 6 good

6 – 7 very good

7 – 8 excellent

8 – 9 spectacular

9 -10 perfect

Those labels make it even easier to evaluate the score you have.

Of course, you’ll see metrics like response rate and trend over time too.

How to use the Customer Feedback Score

  • Learn from it & improve the shopping experience
  • Follow up and resolve individual cases to show customers you care
  • Use it as pointers to smooth out the buying process so it’s easier and faster to convert new customers
  • Re-use the positive reviews as social proof on social media and your site (with permission, of course)
  • Highlight the things customers repeatedly say they like –  it may be your customer service or your quality or your customization options, and make it more visible on the site
  • Use it as research to see what people want – new products, more options, assistance, faster delivery?

Learn more on how to set up the customer feedback score.

Now, go ask your customers what they think about shopping from you and get improving! 🙂


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