Email Variables Metrilo

New email variables available for even greater personalization with Metrilo

Our aim at Metrilo is to help you do the most effective marketing and drive the most sales.

That’s why our email tool got an upgrade and you’re now able to personalize your messages better than before.

New email variables

To tailor your emails for each individual customer, you can now use 3 new dynamic variables:

  • Address
  • Company name
  • LTV
Email Variables Metrilo

In addition to the old ones:

  • Full name
  • First name
  • Last name

The new variables allow you to easily turn massive emails like

  • order confirmation
  • post-purchase check up
  • retention and relationship building
  • loyalty rewards and more.

into personalized ones with greater impact.

Now both your one-off and automated emails with Metrilo will be individually tailored at no extra effort on your side.

Variable fallbacks

The email variables now come with additional functionality. You can predefine fallback options in case the customer information is missing in your database and it can’t be auto-filled in the email.

Email Variable Fallbacks Metrilo

When you want to add a variable with a fallback option, simply click on “Show optional fallback” and then on “Copy and close”.

Then simply paste the variable with the extended fallback option in the desired position in your email. Finally, replace the default “FALLBACK_VALUE” with your desired fallback option.

Fallback Setup

Try it now and happy selling!


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Stoimen is our Customer Happiness guru. Advises customers on how to make the best use of Metrilo for their marketing and plays table tennis in-between. A mountain lover and a chess champion.

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