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A brave new Metrilo: what’s next for us

Why we do what we do

When Metrilo was founded, ecommerce was riding the first big wave of popularity and we wanted to be part of that huge movement, helping entrepreneurs build their successful businesses.

As ecommerce evolved, patterns began to form. We accumulated knowledge and experience alongside our customers. And the key to success in ecommerce became very clear.

The biggest success comes to very few ecommerce businesses that check those requirements:

  • Have a strong brand.
  • Consciously work for customer retention.
  • And seek to grow in a financially healthy way.

In our work with thousands of ecom business, this proved to be the winning formula and very few entrepreneurs had discovered it. The focus and dedication to customer experience some brands are showing is turning the tables in a stale industry. The others that don’t do those things, struggle here and there, and growth is strained.

This understanding made us change course. At least a bit.

We didn’t just want to support entrepreneurs along the way. We wanted to show you the right way that is proving to be the key to success. We wanted to share what we learned and help more businesses become profitable.

So we put together a whole framework that explains all necessary steps for an ecommerce brand to go through for truly healthy growth and profit.

It has been the basis for our consulting work with clients for the past year and it has opened the way to growth for over 50 brands all over the world.

With that knowledge we had to transform our product to assist this growth mindset, too. We had to make Metrilo the toolbox for growth.

That’s why we reworked Metrilo to lead you confidently towards your business goals.

The most profound change is that each of our plans answers very concrete questions entrepreneurs have at each stage of building their brand.

We no longer charge for functionalities you won’t need to solve your most pressing problems. As your needs grow and you are ready to add more on your plate, you can use more and more of Metrilo. Fair pricing that only grows as your business grows.

New Pricing

Learn more about the new Metrilo here.

What’s next on our roadmap?

More tools to assist the Growth Framework at every stage:

  • Providing you with even more details about the customer journey
  • Offering a deeper connection between metrics and marketing activities and more granular performance reporting
  • Profitability and inventory management for brands producing their own products


About the author

With experience in FMCG and marketing, Dimira writes to help the brands of tomorrow succeed and believes passion is a key ingredient in any business.

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