Powerful email marketing for ecommerce stores

Open up your brand to more sales with email backed with data

5 min Integration for stores running on

Metrilo official plugin for your online shop

Integration between your store and Metrilo is seamless so your data is properly processed in real time and the reports - always accurate. Metrilo makes your historical customer and sales data accessible and usable to give you more touch points than before. Contacts lists are synced on installation and you can start sending emails immediately.

Money-making customer segments

Filtering your customer base to find valuable segments to engage is easy with Metrilo’s 30+ ready-to-use filters. You can choose by any actions taken, metrics, contact details or tags you’ve added. Making extra sales to idle high spenders or identifying frequent buyers will be the most pleasant part of your marketing people’s day.

"The best part about Metrilo definitely has to be the segmentation options for automated emailing"
An eCommerce founder on Capterra

Automated emails for engagement at scale

With Metrilo, the right message will always reach the right people at the right time. You can automate emails to be sent at over 20 different customer actions and trigger events for maximum personalization and relevancy. Send welcome emails on registering and thank you notes after first order, win back idle customers, cross-sell and upsell with meaningful offers, and recover abandoned carts – all 24/7, all making you money while you deal with other tasks.

Action-based filters

Action performed What the customer did, such as add to cart, view product, etc.
Action not performed Filter people did not do something: add to cart, view product, etc.
Product interactions Target people who interacted with a specific set of products.
Product categories Target people buying from a specific product category
Cart abandoners Pre-defined rules that lets you pick your cart abandoners any time
Email campaigns Target people based on their previous interactions with your emails
Coupon used If you want to target a group of people who used a specific coupon

Customer-based filters

Revenue Filter people by the revenue they have generated: less than, more than and equal.
Orders Filter people by how many orders they have: less than, more than and equal.
Last order Target people based on when they last purchased from your store
Last active Target people based on when they last entered your website
Sessions Target people based on their engagement with your website
Location Target people based on their location
Tags Got your own way of segmenting people? You can use your own tags for segmentation

Create tailored personal experience and gain long-term loyalty

Dynamic abandoned carts

Recovering abandoned carts is a must for any online store, but to make it much more efficient, Metrilo lets you make your emails dynamic so each customer gets a personalized email with the items they specifically left in the cart. This way they remember your brand and are pushed to take another look at those items, resulting in more conversions.

Gather feedback on autopilot

Instead of getting yet another tool for reviews, you can just set up an auto campaign that asks for qualitative and quantitative feedback. You’ll get the full picture of customer satisfaction paired with the orders that contributed to that experience. Metrilo also enables you to act on that feedback by following up with each customer.

Email performance tracking

With Metrilo you don’t just send emails, but monitor their performance to optimize if needed. Plus, you see exactly how each person reacted to the email - if they opened it, clicked, converted or unsubscribed so you can tailor your email communication to fit your audience tastes and drive better results.