To grow your online coffee sales, you need the right sales data

Metrilo helps online coffee stores sell more

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How Metrilo boosts your online coffee business?

Just the analytics you need

Google Analytics just doesn't work for ecommerce stores. It is overly complex, it shows you data but doesn't help you act on it and it can't handle cancelled, fraudulent or returned sales

Metrilo has been built to solve these problems for online coffee sellers

With Metrilo you get accurate analytics, help in understanding what to do next and a simple interface that doesn't need all day to understand

Learn how many new and how many returning customers you have

CRM that improves customer retention

It's time to stop sending everyone the same marketing messages

Conversion and resell rates increase when you personalize your sales messaging

For each customer, you see their actions on site, contact details, order history, product interaction and revenue, any notes and tags you added, and even device used

Metrilo’s specialized ecommerce CRM tracks behavior automatically and creates customer profiles to help you understand buying habits better

Send emails that convert into sales

Standard email automation converts badly because it doesn't connect to your actual store data and customer purchase history

With Metrilo, you’ll know what products customers are likely to buy next, how long they take to make a decision and what concerns they have. That makes it really easy to tailor your offers exclusively

Metrilo’s high converting personalized emails engage customers better, fight cart abandonment and drive repeat sales

We crunched the data. Now you can compare your sales to other coffee stores using Metrilo

$146 Customer lifetime value (CLV) How?
$4.62 Revenue per visitor How?
110.53 Average order value (AOV) How?
35.03% Email open rate How?
1.22% Email Conversion Rate How?
$1.24 Revenue per Email Sent How?

How does Metrilo help you increase CLV?

Shows you which channels and products bring high CLV
Timely offers with personalised promotions
Automated reactivation campaigns for idle customers

How does Metrilo improve your revenue per visitor?

Precise tracking shows you what traffic sources bring real revenue
You can easily exclude less profitable channels

How does Metrilo help you increase AOV?

Send automated upsell emails to your clients
Metrilo shows how your products relate to each other so you can prepare better converting product bundles
Understand what products tend to attract high spenders and promote them more

How does Metrilo boost your email open rate?

Powerful segmentation allows customized emails
You get behavior and product insights to make relevant offers
Emails triggered by customer actions are accepted better

How does Metrilo improve your email conversion rate?

Powerful segmentation allows customized emails
You get behavior and product insights to make relevant offers
Emails triggered by customer actions are accepted better

How does Metrilo achieve that good ROI on email?

Automated emails get send with the right offer at the right time
Being relevant, makes your customers feel special and buy more
Email campaigns are based on customer behavior and not spammy

Metrilo gives online coffee stores the power of an enterprise marketing and sales platform

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Additional features

  • Event-based tracking Track customer actions, not just pageviews
  • Complete customer profiles All your customer data in one place
  • Add your own tags and notes Searchable and flexible for max effectiveness
  • Multichannel tracking Identify acquisition source for each session
  • Instant order status sync Immediately updates status and recalculates revenue
  • Customer segments Easily save & reach out to specific segments
  • Live View Real-life monitoring of your website visitors
  • One-on-one emails Send individual emails based on the profiles
  • Behavior insights Learn from customers’ interaction with products
"I love the clarity of information, it's a breath of fresh air in the analytics world."
– Spencer Walden, Owner of Chocolab
5-minute integration. Official plugins for