About Us

Who are we?

Metrilo is a small start-up with huge spirit. We’re young, hip, passionate for the future, and eager to help businesses like ours. We love being part of the ecommerce transformation as smaller and more specialized vendors are becoming increasingly competitive and successful.

We also enjoy immensely communicating daily with experts on exciting and alternative products like lobsters, hand-handled coffee, ethno fashion, handmade natural cosmetics, creative writing courses, and custom chocolate. We help their awesome products reach more people.

What’s our mission?

We believe in entrepreneurship and feel lucky to live in an era of innovation, enthusiasm and courage. We wanted to take part by giving ecommerce self-starters the means to compete with larger players by doing business smarter.

Metrilo was created from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and we love knowing that our clients may not be large, but they have passion and drive to succeed, as well as awesome products, often disruptors in their niches.

We make our product friendly and easy-to-use because we believe data is powerful but you don’t need to be a marketing guru or data analyst to make use of it. Metrilo crunches data and delivers insights, you act on them and develop your business.

Why this blog?

We help online store owners every day and we feel we have know-how to share with you. We don’t talk fancy and we don’t give you big-guy advice – only what’s possible with the least resources and effort on your part.

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