Metrilo retains your holiday shoppers on autopilot & takes the hassle away

Metrilo helps you segment your holiday shoppers based on their actions so you can send them relevant upsell emails

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How does Metrilo work?

Metrilo starts tracking visitors from their very first session on your website. When they sign up or buy, Metrilo matches back all their historical data to their newly created profile. It automatically syncs with your current customer base and continues tracking their behavior. Metrilo turns this behavior into comprehensive ecommerce analytics, crm and email marketing automation. Retaining your customers becomes hassle free.

All your ecommerce metrics in one place

Metrilo automatically collects your data and gives you actionable metrics that help you grow!

One-time buyers vs ReturningInstant
Customer LTVInstant
Cart abandonment rate
Average order valueInstant
Average number of orders per customerInstant
Revenue per visitor
Checkout completion
Conversion rates by device
The Instant label marks metrics that are available instantly after the installation for previous periods. You don't need to wait for new data to be collected.

Improve your customer experience with relevant emails

Hey! You have 55 customers with more than 3 orders who haven’t ordered anything in the last 3 months.

Engage them

How Metrilo’s ecommerce personalization works

Metrilo makes the most of your ecommerce data. Since all actions on your site are automatically tracked, we have 30+ (and counting) different filters available to segment your customers by. You can then save segments that are always up-to-date with people who match the criteria so you stay on top of your marketing game.

Action-based filters

Action performed What the customer did, such as add to cart, view product, etc.
Action not performed Filter people did not do something: add to cart, view product, etc.
Product interactions Target people who interacted with a specific set of products.
Product categories Target people buying from a specific product category
Cart abandoners Pre-defined rules that lets you pick your cart abandoners any time
Email campaigns Target people based on their previous interactions with your emails
Coupon used If you want to target a group of people who used a specific coupon

Customer-based filters

Revenue Filter people by the revenue they have generated: less than, more than and equal.
Orders Filter people by how many orders they have: less than, more than and equal.
Last order Target people based on when they last purchased from your store
Last active Target people based on when they last entered your website
Sessions Target people based on their engagement with your website
Location Target people based on their location
Tags Got your own way of segmenting people? You can use your own tags for segmentation

Build beautiful emails that convert better

Metrilo's email builder will let you tailor the best emails ever. You can include coupons, images and even pull products directly from your site.

Your logo Your emails have only your branding, no-one else’s.
Social profiles Make following you on social easier - an added benefit from the email.
Great cover image Upload your own creatives anywhere in the email for maximum brand awareness.
Format your text with no coding Familiar text editor so it looks just as you want it.
Promo codes Just type in and voila! It’s that simple.
Feature products Insert product offers with picture, name and price pulled automatically.
CTA buttons No coding needed, just a catchy call and a link.

Behavior-driven reporting

We collect real-time customer behavior data and turn it into actionable reports that can help you boost your conversion rates and increase customer loyalty. Repeat sales is what bumps up your pure profits & Metrilo helps with exactly that.

Customer feedback reporting will show your customer satisfaction score

Customer Retention analysis shows you how your customer behave in the long run

Product correlation analysis will tell what other product people buy


  • Event-based tracking Track customer actions, not just pageviews
  • Complete customer profiles All your customer data in one place
  • Add your own tags and notes Searchable and flexible for max effectiveness
  • Multichannel tracking Identify acquisition source for each session
  • Instant order status sync Immediately updates status and recalculates revenue
  • Customer segments Easily save & reach out to specific segments
  • Live View Real-life monitoring of your website visitors
  • One-on-one emails Send individual emails based on the profiles
  • Behavior insights Learn from customers’ interaction with products
"I can now easily segment my audience and reach different people with personalized messages. That's the personalization I wanted."
– Nikos Louvaris, Ecommerce Consultant
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